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His name was Rubén Elizarrarás Canchola, he was from Pénjamo Guanajuato, he was a merchant because he sold blankets, umbrellas, napkins, sheets and other products, he was very good at games for example in the domain, on the dreidel, in snakes and stairs, etc. He was tall, blond with blue eyes, he died some month ago but he was an excellent person, a good grandfather and I love him very much.
Her name is María del Carmen Ceja Echeverría, she live in Pénjamo Guanajuato with her eldest daughter, my aunt Rosa Leticia, she is a merchant , she works selling blankets, umbrellas, napkins , like my grandfather, she is short and she loves me very much, sometimes when my family have time we will visit and we help a lot.
His name is José Aguirre, also he lives in Pénjamo Guanajuato, he breeding pigs, is a man tall, plump and strong, is swarthy and always he use a hat, bootls, jeans with a belt and a shirt, he have a big mustache and is a great person, he knows all the people and he live with his eldest son, daughter in law and two grandchildren.
Her name was Julia Magaña Mireles, she is died but I have not forget, she was a tall woman, very blond, she was a seamstress and her food was the best like tamales, tacos, pozole and other food, she was originally from a ranch called Magallanes in Pénjamo, when she married she was live in the village with my grandfather and the family grew.
His name is Rubén Elizarrarás Ceja, he is 47 years old and is a civil engineer, he was born in Pénjamo Guanajuato in Christmas day and is a very good father, he is very intelligent and is tall, thin, he likes run and ride the bike, he studiet in the Univisersidad Autónoma de Querétaro and he works in the constructions of houses, classrooms,bathrooms and other things, he help me with the homework when I don't understand, in conclusión he helps me a lot.
Her name is Yaqueline Aguirre Magaña, she was born on the Independence day in Pénjamo Guanajauto, she is a housewife but in the past she was a secretarian, he make the food, wash the dirty clothe, clean the house and do other things of the house, she is very hard-working and se helped me in the kínder and in the primary school, she is tall, swarthy with black hair, is responsable and she care my family always I love her so much.
My full name is José Rubén Elizarrarás Aguirre, I am 15 years old and I am a student, I am tall, thin, swarthy with black hair and eyes, my favorite color is blues, I want to be a doctor in the future, I like practice sport for example, play basketball, swimming and running, I like read and learn new things, my family is big and I love my complete family.
Her name is Mariana Sofía Elizarrarás Aguirre, she is 8 years old, she is tall, thin and blond, she is in the primary school and is very intelligent, sometimes lazy and angry, but is a good sister, she have long brown hair, she likes the animals, the dog and the chicken are they favorites animals.

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