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Another Name of The Death Eaters: 'Bullies'


You can actually google the word "bully" by yourself, because I believe you're now holding your iPhone or any other smartphones in your hand while reading this blog, or maybe, just maybe, you're reading this blog from your phone. (Who knows?!!). But what I'm trying to say is: everytime I hear "bully", it's roughly translated by my brain into this phrase: "mental abuse that will lead you to suicide or harm yourself and nobody notice your tears". Do you agree with me? Or, you have different opinion? Or maybe, just maybe, you're that person who gets bullied? No? or perhaps, you're the bully (The one who performs bullying)? If the answer is, yes...
I was on Twitter this afternoon when one of my friends shared me a link to a video. (< ------ Click! you need to see the video!) I was drowned by my curiosity, so I clicked the link without a doubt and watched it for an hour with tears streaming down my face. I cried not because I'm a drama queen, but because I know exactly how it feels to be bullied. I know how much it hurts when someone or some people are making fun of you with bad words or even calling you names. When they judge you by the way you look, or in my case, by such a rare disease I got in my leg.
Please, read my story...

I was bullied since I was 7. My parents didn't know anything about how I felt. I forced myself to smile and laugh anywhere near them. I feel a bit relieve I didn't cut my wrists or hands, I didn't have the courage to do that either. But the worst thing was, more than twice I attempted to commit suicide by banging my head on the wall as strong as I could. I keep the wound for myself. I thought that was the only thing I could do to reduce the pain I had inside my heart (but don't worry! now I know It was very wrong!). I was really hurt and spent the rest of the day cried like a three year old baby girl watched her barbie doll burned. No one was there to hug me or listen to these bad things I had been through. Once I ever told Mum, she believed it was nothing but just a simple thing to solve.

I tell you what, bullying is a freaking serious matter. It is extremely not COOL!. So I remind you once again, please help me to...

Fibrous Dysplasia Ruin My Life

It was a fine evening. I played around with my cousin. She was running after me when suddenly I tripped and fell to the ground. It wasn't really that hard, the way I fell, to break a bone but my right pelvis did... break, or fractured? which word is the right one to say?. Nevermind... let's keep going...

Doctor said it was only a crack. I mean, it wasn't a big deal. He assumed, with his hypothesis, in my age (5 years old at that very moment), the bone was still growing so he claimed I was really fine and everything was under control.

Days passed, I recovered from the injury. But something was wrong with my leg (right leg). I walked unstable and somehow I could not lift my leg without helping from my hands. It also felt so hurt and pain me a lot everytime I stepped on the floor or even just moved a little bit from one place to another.

So my parents took me to another doctor. After several medical check up, the doctor told Mum and Dad, that I got Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia on my leg.

I was only 5 years old. I didn't understand any of that. I couldn't even say the word Monostotic-Fibrous-Dysplasia properly. I went to my first surgery at the age of 6. I needed like a year and half to recover, and I needed to walk with my cructhes like every time. Some of my friends (Hey! Do they even deserve to be mentioned here as friends?) were mocking me with bad words. "You don't belong here. Normal people only.". They called me names, like: disabled girl, useless, burdensome, ugly, weirdo.

Sometime they hid my crutches somewhere and laughing at me when I suffered from pain, trying to walk to find my crutches. I pity myself...
Some of them kicked me from the back and happy to see me fell with my face crushed to the ground. Ahh.. those days...

Now I'm 18. Almost done with my second semester in college. Two or three months ago, I went to see my doctor again. After several medical check up, he said my disease is getting worse. I walk more unstable and the pain is more unbearable. I can't walk without my crutches anymore. I can't run, or jump. I can't even walk properly. Fibrous Dysplasia ruin my life...

My Life Now...

I'm a human. I'm just a human with the same feelings like everyone else. It is just I walk differently than any other normal people. By posting this I want people out there understand how I feel toward bullying. It is hurt and make me uncomfortable with myself.

Throughout the years I have learned so much things. As I grow older and older every day, I learn that suicide or self harm are NOT the answers. The answer is there! lock in your heart and you just need to open it!.

You're beautiful, you're precious, you're worth of every chances this world offers you.

Head up. Smile. You're stronger than you thought.

Another Name of The Death Eaters: 'Bullies' (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Jay - Indonesia

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