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Invader Zim rocks

This is Invader Zim Charcters. Only the most awesomest cartoon the world has ever known! There are Gir, Zim (of course), Dib, and Gaz. Gir is the famous out of all of them considering his randomness and cuteness. :)
Zim is an Irken life form sent of to destroy and take over other plaents. But, for Zims case he is sent off his plaent beacause Kings think hes annoying. SO they send him off to an imaginary planet thats not supposed to be ther: instead Zim and Gir find Earth. And they make there home there while Zim plans to destroy Earth, and the Earthlins. All while being watched by Dib, A nerdy alein obbsessed boy that goes to Zims school. And is always trying to show people who Zim really is.
Gir is Zims sidekick. Gir is from a line of Sir robots sent off with other Irkens Invaders to be there sidekick. But, because They send Zim to a imaginary planet, they made Gir whos a little of his rocker. Gir is obssed with his flying moose and giant piggy. Gir is always eating or drinking soda, chocalte, coffe, taqutos, waffles, pizza, and pretty much anything else that is junk food. Gir dresses up as a green dog but is really a robot. Gir is also very eccentric at times. No scratch that at all times. Teehee.
Gaz is Dibs brother. Gaz isnt a very big chracter but she has her times. Gaz is obbsessed with video games. She is always playing with her handheld device.Like I said she isnt a very big chracter, so theres not much to write.
Dib is Gaz's brother. He is always bugging people about Zims and his alein features. Zim and Dib are practicly enemies, they fight alot. If I could describe Dib in 1 word it would be: obssessed. He is always obssesing over Zim and always trying to show people what Zim really is.

Invader Zim rocks (Cinema, tv - Cartoons)    -    Author : Kaitlin - USA

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