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GRANDFATHER(part of my father)
His name is Maximiliano,he is 76 years old and his brithay is September 26, he is husband of Leonor, mom of my father, he live in the mexico city with my grandmother,he is tall,he is a grizzled old, he is always in a good mood,he had three children, one of them was called marco.

GRANDMOTHER(part of the father)
Her name is Leonor, she is married of the Maximiliano(grandfather),she is 74 years old, she is from Cuernavaca,Morelos and nationality is Mexican,but today live in Mexico City, she works in a restaurant from 6:00 to 11:00 o´clock.

GRANDMOTHER(part of the mhother)
Her name is Maria De La Luz,she is 82 years old, she is my greatest granparent,she is from Mexico City, she is homewife,and it is currently separated from my grandfather

GRANDFATHER(part of the mother)
His name is Jose ,he is 81 years old,he brithay is August 12, he is from Queretaro,but today live in Mexico City,he nationality is mexican,he currently separated from my grandmother ,He is the driver.

His name is Marco Antonio, son of the Maximiliano y Leonor, he is 37 years old, he is tall, he married of the guadalupe, currently he is working in the industry,the reaches 7 o'clock home and he likes to be in family

Her name is Maria Guadalupe,daughter of Maria De La Luz and Jose, she is 39 years old,she is short,she is married of the marco,currently,and they are nationality mexican,they have two son, one called isaac and other called marco

I am isaac, i am fourteen year old and brithay is November 22,i am from mexico city, but today live in Queretaro,thas my natinality is mexican, my adress is #21 AV. herradura, my telephone number is 44293929742, i am student of the prepartoria sur UAQ.

His name is Marco Antonio equal my father,he is my brother, he is 11 years old,he is student of the Primaria Guillermo Rubio Navarrete,he is short, he is from mexico city, but live in QUERETARO,he is a boy happy

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