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My name is K.A.Iresha Madushani. My e-mall addrtss is k.a.iresha.rambuka@gmail.com.I'm student from Sri Lanka. I'm in Rambuka eVillage school. I am ten years old. My Father is S.Koswaththa. He is the principal of our school. My mother is Suneetha. She is a Grama niladari (The oficer in the village for the government). I have two brothers and no sisters. My elder brother is Nirmal. He is very kind. The next brother is Dumindu. He is very good. My best friend is Dilki. She is very good friend. My favourite subjet are ICT and Enilsh. My favourite teacher is Mr.Wijewardana. He is a very good teacher.
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My Father is a principal.
My Father in childhood.

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