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“Business is business. Bullshit is bullshit.” – Clyde Roco, Our Founder

April 24, 2010:
Looks like the hillbillies in Inwood Forest East decided to fill some potholes. But, unfortunately, they have done what they have done for the past 20 years or so and filled them with road base, which has been shown to last a couple weeks until the next big rain. It has since rained and so the potholes are back and getting bigger. Some people simply cannot learn.

We are working on next large installment having to do with NOISE, since there is a noise source in the Hill Country now (and has been in Inwood Forest) worse than the boomboxes and the rudies who think we all like being forced to hear their noise blasted from their yards. We have received some tapes of conversations with Hays County officials about this and as soon as they are edited we will report them here. Cassandra thinks they are so outrageous as to merit placing on Youtube.

Meanwhile, the METH THREAT continues in Inwood Forest and nearly everywhere else. How a person decides to rearrange the molecules in his body and brain should be his business and no one else’s. But when crime is committed in accomplishing this rearrangement, it becomes the job of law enforcement to stop it. Law enforcement is failing in this, not only in Inwood Forest, but everywhere else.

METH LABS and users have become ubiquitous. They and their crimes exist in Inwood Forest. Hays County law enforcement seems to think it is still impressive to conduct pot busts. But the facts are that whereas pot might cause users to become lazy, stupid, incompetent and grow breasts, pot has not been shown to cause people to become violently insane to the point where they will chop you up with machetes. Meth has been shown around the world to do this. Has your property suffered mysterious thefts? Several in Inwood Forest have. We know some of this can be attributed it to the resident TWEAKERS (METH USERS).

One of the easiest ways to IDENTIFY IF YOUR NEIGHBOR IS A TWEAKER is to look him in the mouth. If his teeth are rotten and discolored, chances are he is a meth user. This is called METH MOUTH and is becoming a money drain in prisons due to inmate dental costs. Take a look at some meth mouth sites like:

Then wonder why maybe that person next door has premature dentures. Or not.

MARCH 16 2010

Looks like our fan base is growing. We have received some nice and not so nice messages ranging from “Its about time!” to “Who the hell do you think you are?” Judging from the tenor of many of the notes, which cover subjects like portable meth labs installed on the properties of vacationing Inwood property owners, to theft, to noise and even way stations for illegals, we conclude there is a high degree of fear among the residents of Inwood Forest. And we are beginning to wonder where law enforcement is because it certainly is not in Inwood Forest.

But this part is about road fixes. As one emailer put it, “If you think the Inwood Forest West road is bad and bumpy, take a ride on Inwood Forest East!”

So with trepidation we decided to explore further the roads of Inwood Forest. We brought Col. Stutz along with his trench gun just in case.

Entering Inwood Forest East, we see a bank of USPS mailboxes alongside a diminutive sign introducing us to that side of the subdivison. Nothing like the arbor that once existed at that entrance, but at least not as tacky and amateurish as the one on the west.

We proceeded down the road abutting where Leineweber’s land at least used to extend (where the Leinewebers park their junk and maybe still dump the stinking sewage they pumped out of septic tanks – the frequent complaints about this by certain owners in Inwood Forest were rendered impotent when Bush became governor).

Immediately we were confronted by a lunar landscape of potholes and various trails created in attempts by drivers to avoid them, which, in turn developed potholes. Looked like the road had been bombed, said Col. Stutz. Looked like Mexico to us. But what the hell, the whole country is being turned into mezco anyway, so why would this bother anyone in Inwood Forest?

It should bother any property owner in Inwood Forest who might want to sell his property one day because these roads will put off anyone coming to visit any real estate in there. We would estimate that horrible entry road might reduce property values by 20%. Of course, anyone fighting a tax assessment in Inwood Forest would find these roads to be an asset.

There are other assets to these potholes. They are natural speed reducers. So whereas the geniuses to the west wasted time and money on topes, the humble hillbillies on the east let nature take its course and accomplished the goal without effort.

Plus, the bad roads will discourage mormons, witnesses and repo men.

But these roads have caused other troubles and ill temper in Inwood Forest.

We mentioned receiving some unbelievable stories about people and events in Inwood Forest. While on the subject of these roads, it is appropriate to relate one of these stories. This incident occurred in 1995 and was witnessed by several people. After the incident, one property owner quietly sold out and moved to Corpus, having had enough. We found the main victim, who also moved away shortly after the event. She agreed to talk to our lady friend about it.

During the afternoon of December 30, the woman and her friend were out at the intersection of Inwood Forest East and Link Lane working the land bordering the roads. Unexpectedly and without warning, Kimbro, who owns the house on the northeast corner of that intersection, approached the couple with fists pumping and jaws tight and began angrily speechifying and threatening about how the road was going to be widened 50 feet and no one was going to stop it, including those 2 innocent and totally aghast victims of this crazy man’s tantrum. Kimbro didn’t stop with a simply bullying statement. He kept going while his rotten kids (who were known for years as sneaks and vandals in Inwood Forest) cheered him on and taunted the couple. When the couple attempted to ignore Kimbro, he became more angry and threatening. It is fortunate for Kimbro that these two were civilized people who knew what manners were.

The tragedy of that event was more than that a crazy hillbilly had commited a criminal assault. It happens that the woman he scared to death with his mean spirited outburst was pregnant. She miscarried shortly thereafter. She said she had tried very hard for that pregnancy and was so distraught after the Kimbro assault that she moved away. It was her last chance. It broke her heart.

That kid would have been about 14 now but for Kimbro.

When Col. Stutz heard this he muttered something about how some people should be horse whipped.

What do you want to bet Kimbro is a republican right to lifer?

Kimbro’s kids have apparently grown up to be negro gangstas, judging by complaints we have heard about when they drive into the subdivision with their boomboxes vibrating the walls of houses within half a mile.

People, if you know someone who thinks his or her masculinity should be manifested by tantrums and bullying, see to it he or she gets psychiatric care. The life you save could be your own.

With wonderful people like this dominating Inwood Forest, it should be no surprise that no one in Inwood cares to cooperate in a general elevating of the situation. And it explains that bad feeling you get when you enter the subdivision – and why people are rarely seen outdoors in Inwood Forest, even during the most beautiful days.

But maybe 2-3 people could get together to at least clean up their piece of the world.

As we have mentioned, these road problems would not exist had Roco/Roberts/Phillips followed the law and legally recorded the subdivsion. So whereas every property owner in Inwood Forest pays taxes to fix roads, Hays County has some legal right to refuse to fix those in Inwood Forest.

This is tax revolt ammo.

But what now is the solution?

Sooner or later the hunger for more money in the form of revenue will overtake the City of Wimberley and it will make effort at annexing Inwood Forest. Of course they will “fix” the roads. In doing so they will levy huge taxes upon each owner. How huge the assessments will be will boggle your imagination.

And the fix will be totally obnoxious to those who liked the way it used to be. Although he presided over a good ol boy system that went bad, Ed Phillips at least fought every effort at making a city of Wimberley. Among other things, he knew it would bring higher taxes, probably bad services few need, and a structure for corruption he could not dominate.

Time and again, money has been wasted spreading road base over these roads. This fix lasts a couple weeks, even in dry weather. It is an inferior, misguided fix.

Inwood Forest people must try to grasp that one cannot expect different results by doing the same old same old over and over again.


Asphalt: expensive, retains heat, and has its own maintenance problems. Plus it releases toxic hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and water table. And it is ugly.

Concrete: very expensive. Would require surveyors and engineers. Plus it would destroy the rustic quality that used to be attractive to people in Inwood Forest.


Link Lane between Inwood Forest West entry and Inwood Forest East entry is abutted predominantly by 2 owners – Paparella and Palm. The plat survey of this road section shows it to be straight and there was talk in the past about straightening it. But anyone who might attempt to do this now will definitely be met with big trouble. So much time has passed that the land crisscrossing the old survey has now been claimed by owners of the abutting property. That ownership is now grandfathered in. If this distresses certain anal individuals who like their worlds to be laid out on graph paper – all straight lines and right angles -- it might be comforting to them to know that research shows that property buyers prefer curvy roads and driveways over straight ones.

It is evident that Paparella and Palm agree on this. They also agreed on a few other things:

- that speeders, including sheriff cars that used to zoom through this stretch, should be discouraged. Trees along the road have been damaged by collision and children often play unseen on the section. The huge potholes on that piece of Link Lane have been dubbed “The Swimming Holes” by kids. Paparella and Palm decided that these potholes should remain as speed reducers but that their growth should be retarded.

- that more road base was a waste of money because it turned to mud in rain and simply got splashed out every time a vehicle traversed it, creating bigger holes and bigger problems.

- they decided together last year that limestone gravel was worth a try.

After a year of use, the gravel has held substantially well. It does not get splashed out. It becomes compacted. Whereas it can be seen that drivers fearful of becoming bogged down in those swimming holes like to detour across Paparella’s yard, this is erroneous judgment. In fact, the mud in Paparella’s yard presents a greater risk of getting stuck than does going thru the shallow but solid swimming holes.

It is likely that succeeding gravel treatments will remedy the situation.

Gary Kees was the low bidder on this job, which expense Paparella and Palm shared. It was not a bank breaker.

So we suggest a gravel treatment for all the roads in Inwood Forest. If a thin layer of gravel were applied to these roads, it would compact after a few months and offer dust reduction and a firm base upon which to make further applications even more successful.

And when the compaction of more than one gravel application is complete, another option could be tried.

Mixing road base with Portland cement has been successful on a long driveway near us that always got washed out. Mixed and distributed properly upon a compacted gravel surface, this combination could provide a long lasting, harder surface on the roads of Inwood Forest.

Tom Davis of TD Dirtworks is the only person we know of in the area who knows how to do this. It isn’t rocket science. It simply requires knowledge of how concrete mixes work, a truckload of road base, enough bags of Portland, and a Ditchwitch or equivalent to mix it all up and apply it evenly.


Owners across the road from each other might try to get together, as did Paparella and Palm, and evolve a plan and explore some bids. These fix proposals are not expensive.

Sections of entry road, like on Inwood Forest East, could be adopted and fixed by owners who could erect signs like those regarding trash pickup on highways proclaiming their civic devotion to a particular section. This would require no cooperation from anyone.

Or owners could choose colors to identify themselves, fill some potholes with gravel at their leisure, spray paint their color around the repairs, and achieve civic fame on a small scale.

Is this too much to ask?

Would you rather have a bloated, corrupt taxing authority do it for you?

Large heavy vehicles do more damage to roads than light ones. It is time to outlaw pickup trucks without cargo and occupied by less than 1 person, along with the ubiquitous suvs, which rarely contain cargo or more than 1 person. We realize people who feel inferior need to drive big and/or loud vehicles to compensate for their 1 inchers, but the time has come for economy and good sense. Be big in other ways. Grow big hearts.

Next installment in 2-4 weeks unless something strange happens.

Keep emailing us at

Inwood Forest is an unrecorded subdivision started by arch Wimberley crook Clyde Roco about 30 years ago, and later developed by him and Dan Roberts, with the help of lawyer Ed Phillips, deceased Wimberley racketeer. It is a couple miles west of 7A Ranch off Wayside Drive. If Roco and Roberts had cared about obeying the law (and saving their buyers future grief) by recording the subdivison, the road and other problems in Inwood would be nonexistent.

Inwood Forest is arguably the sleaziest of the Roco developments. Used to be when I drove by on Wayside there was a nice arbor-type sign over the entrance to the east side. That got removed when they moved in the mobile homes. The entrance to the west side, which was developed first by Roco, had a deceptively tasteful set of markers that now has been replaced by some yokels who think we don’t hear strains of the theme to M*A*S*H together with Dueling Banjos when we see it. Or maybe they do. They put up really tacky stenciled signs with uneven margins. Very low class military and very reducing of property values -- good warnings to any decent prospective home buyer with brains who might happen by. Yeah, only dumb rednecks, thieves and dopefiends belong in Inwood forest . Keep the decent folk out!

Roco liked to sell the lots using a Contract for Deed that allowed him to repo anyone a few days late on his payments. Roco and Roberts pushed the lots by telling people the subdivision had its own “approved” water system – The Dan Roberts Water System.(It was only approved by the Roco gang). And whereas Roco and Phillips installed a number of deed restrictions, like prohibitions against mobile homes, prohibitions against operating businesses out of one’s home; prohibitions against installing more than one family home on a lot; prohibitions against being a nuisance to one’s neighbor, etc., nearly all of the restrictions have been violated and neither Roco nor Phillips cared. It was all lies, all fraud.

Much of this was assisted by greedy and unscrupulous realtors, who, for example, would advertise homes in the subdivision as being under some kind of protection or another of a Property Owners Association, which legally they were not.

Roco and Roberts started being hit by massive complaints with state and county offices for a number of crimes, including serving up fecal coliform tainted water via the The Dan Roberts Water System, which was eventually shut down because Texas State Health Dept. officials could no longer sit on their hands while listening to the sewage leaking into the well, which was drilled on a lot on the far south of Inwood Forest West Drive. The well was unlawfully drilled immediately adjacent to a septic drainage field. Roberts was convicted and fined $10’s of thousands for the fraud. Many people got sick and quietly escaped the subdivision.

Lawsuits started flying in the 80’s and 90’s. Roco was sued for Deceptive Trade Practices, among other things. He was tried before and after his death and he lost his ass. Ed Phillips was chastised in court for not obeying Truth in Lending Laws and defrauding property buyers.

But before the trials, Roco, Roberts and Phillips developed various strategies for dealing with the lawsuits. All the signs advertising R&R Developments were removed. They decided it would be useful to make it look like one side of the subdivision was run by Roberts and the other by Roco, when it fact it was all one subdivision under one set of rules. This has been decided by courts and judges and juries, who all agreed there was a Common Planning Scheme reflected in the wording of all the deeds. Moreover, since the deeds did not provide for an Owners Association or multiple Owners Associations, any Owners Association was and is unlawful if it materially alters the subdivision or its properties. The reasoning for this goes back to the days when America was supposed to be a democracy – a minority could not force its will upon the majority. Little dictatorships were and are unAmerican. To make it so the subdivision could have an owner’s association that might make rules and block the roads and rights of way, for example, the courts determined every deed would have to be rewritten to include provision for such associations. To do this would require the written permission of every single deed holder. Good Luck with that!

Phillips also decided to try to get the courts and everyone else confused as to who was liable for what. He surreptitiously set up Owners Associations -- one for the east and one for the west, installed his toadies as functionaries, and proceeded to perpetrate the various frauds and agendas they had. It didn’t work. The divide and conquer strategy was transparent to the District Court in San Marcos

But to this day the fraud of the Inwood Forest Property Owners Association (IFPOA) is still being perpetrated by a few ignorant, dictatorial buffoons who would have us believe the lie that they legally represent all the property owners in Inwood Forest and so can do things like make constructions in the subdivision that lower property values for all.

The Roco/Roberts/Phillips installed association on the east side eventually gave up apparently – but not until after the Roco toadies had bilked unsuspecting property owners for various fees and costs whose money was evidently funneled to incompetent friends of the association principals for incompetent road work, for example, and all the other little annoying things that small minds invent.

Recently the association on the west has reared its ugly and unlawful head again. These geniuses decided that something was to be done to slow down drivers on Inwood Forest West Drive. So they installed abnormally large speed bumps at ridiculous places on the road – many cleverly placed on what they think is the border between lots so as to confuse, Roco/Roberts/Phillips style, anyone who might want to sue the hell out of a property owner (or the IFPOA) for getting his teeth broken or causing the guts of his car to be torn out. These bumps are what you would build to slow semi trucks – way too high for cars. And they are badly marked without suitable warnings. If you own a sedan built low, the underside will be torn out even if you come to a complete stop and roll carefully over the bumps. This is assuming you see the bumps in time to slow down. Woe be to anyone coming down there at night as I have done to visit friends. And especially woe be to the sedan driver who wants to continue past the Link intersection. These things are dangerous!

It is unlawful to place anything in a right of way that impedes travel across that right of way.

Legally, every lot owner in Inwood Forest owns to the middle of the road, even though there are setbacks to allow a Right of Way. Those owners are legally responsible for these bumps and the damage they cause.

The IFPOA is either blissfully unaware of the law or does not care or thinks everyone in Inwood is a fool, which might be correct.

But judging by the hot tempers we have witnessed about these dangerous bumps in the road installed by outlaws, someone is going to get sued soon. I can’t wait. Will it be you?

If a person were to go over those bumps and get whiplash, spinal compression, jaw shocks and other things leading to bad headaches, impotence and various other symptoms, he would likely sue for personal injury. Since some bumps appear to be on the border of 4 properties, the defendants would be the 4 owners per bump plus the people who put up the unlawful impediments. If you think you have been injured by these bumps, at least visit your local chiropractor or, preferably, an orthopedist. Personal injury lawyers would love this situation so visit them too.

Now that we see Toyota owners successfully suing Toyota for diminution of their cars’ resale values, we should expect to see similar suits against the people in the phoney IFPOA owners’ association for diminishing further the already low values of real estate in Inwood Forest.

Friends, since the bumps are dangerous and unlawfully placed, you have every right to chop them down. If anyone gives you trouble, get names and send them to us. Call the sheriff as well.

There are better solutions to the road problems in Inwood Forest that do not require destruction of the au naturale feeling of the original caleche –or the destruction of cars or injury to people.

Stay tuned for more developments in the Inwood Forest soap opera. Email us at We might install your comments on the site. But be advised that if you make claims without facts, a la Rush Limbo, the Big Mouth Junkie Rabblerouser, you will be treated accordingly.

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