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Inventions. They are all around us. From the early wheel to the modern computer. Want to find out more? Read on...

Let's Discuss one of the world's favourite things. Games. Games are entertainment for us. But what about the game-makers? They have to write lines and lines of code for simple games like doodle jump, while we complete it in an hour! But programming isn't the only role in game making. There are artists and writers. The rest depends on the game. Programmers, artists and writers are the key points.

Here are pictures. Pictures are taken on camera by the pixels changing their colour to match the world's colour. They are also programmed, like games. Pictures can be painted or made by gluing things to the paper as well. If you are walking in the streets you will see pictures everywhere. They are a good way to remember something. You might go to London and take a photo of Big Ben.

Now let's discuss fire. Cavemen invented this warm hazard in the stone age. Fire can be used as light, warmth or to burn something. But fire isn't just fun. Fire is DANGEROUS. Be careful not to get too close to it or YOU might burn. And, boy it hurts. But the pain is mainly fear and shock. A tiny fire could burn your house to the ground in 30 minutes! Maybe 15! So be careful.

CARS. We all use them (I think) but they are bad for the environment. They let off CO2 (much like us.). they are a fast way of transport but there are more dangers like car crashes or getting *ahem* you-know-whatted by a car. so BE CAREFUL

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