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In the Middle of Nowhere

So where do I begin? The middle of nowhere? I suppose so...though, maybe I should clarify. I live on the edge of Kansas and on the verge of misery plus freezing to death (unless it is summer, then you are roasting to death). You can call it the plains of Colorado...where it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to get into town to buy petrol and food (well, there are some people who have to drive an hour and a I can't complain). Out here, we have chickens for eggs, a garden to grow vegetables, and a new orchid that I'm pretty sure will never give us more than three apples.

If you can survive the mile high altitudes, below zero temperatures, the lack of good tasting ethnic food, and the smell of cows everywhere, Colorado is a pretty decent place to live. I grew up in the city, but my parents decided to up and move to the middle of nowhere about five years back. Living where the houses were an arm lengths away, to a place where you have to use binoculars to see your neighbor's front door, is a pretty big change. However, stepping away from the city did all of us some good. I finally feel like I can breathe!

Where else on the earth can you visit Garden of the Gods? Where the rocks tower over you and steal your breath away (only if the high altitude hasn't done that to you already).

When fall creeps around, a silent and eerie fog drifts in, creating frost that spikes in the direction that it is pulled by the wind.

How many places can you go, where you can sit atop a mountain without being held back back bars or rules? Where climbing on loose rocks, clambering along rocky ridges, or jumping off the mountain peak is your own choice (you could just enjoy the view too).

How cool is it to be able to tunnel under several feet of snow in the winter? Or, to see a storm brewing in the east, with promise of rain in a state burdened with drought.
This is Colorado, and though I may live in the Middle of Nowhere....Nowhere has some pretty cool things to see.

In the Middle of Nowhere (Countries of the World - Tourism)    -    Author : Zoe - USA

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