Countries of the World - Culture

Temple festivals and rural culture of kerala

A small family

Children from a village

A newly married couple

Children posing for photo

A rural woman

A boy playing in rain water

A village elder

A boy waiting for school bus

People enjoying the temple rites

People gathered for festival in a temple
Front side of a village Hindu temple

An elephant coming to temple

a village Hindu temple

An elephant getting down from a lorry

Two elephants tethered at temple

An old temple in Trikkadeeri,palakkad,Kerala,India

An old temple in Alanallur,Kerala

A shiva temple in alanallur,Kerala

People shopping in front of the temple after the festival

Ayyapa temple ,Alanallur,Kerala

An elephant coming to temple

Cherpulasseri municipal bus stand

People waiting patiently for bus at cherpulasseri bus stand

cherpulasseri municipal bus stand from a different angle

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