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My Favourite Actresses

This is the actress Raven Symone, She has her own show called: That's so Raven and she has starred in both the Cheetah Girls movies . When She was very little she played a part in the cosby Show, as well as being an actress Raven Is a model and a singer !

This Is the actress ashley Tisdale, she plays Maddie in the suite life of Zack and Cody and she starred in all of the high School Musical movies too . As well as being an actress Ashley is a fantastic singer and she even has her own album !

This Is Anneliese Van Der Pol, she is the brilliant actress who plays Chelsea Daniels in That's So Raven ! As well as playing Chelsea, she sings and she also starred in one episode of Cory In the House .

This Is Emma Roberts, she is Julia Robert's Niece ! She played the main character in the show Unfabulous and also starred in the movie Aquamarine . As well as acting, Emma even has a CD, named Unfabulous after the show !

This is Vanessa Hudgens, she is a singer and actress . She has starred in all the High School Musical Movies and the movie Thunderbirds ! Vanessa even has her own album .

This is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, they are both actresses and they even have their own range of clothes and perfume ! Mary-Kate and Ashley Have lots of Television programmes about them and books too .

This is Carla Bonner, she plays Steph in The Show Neighbours . As well as being a very well known Australian actress Carla has done her fair share as a model !

This is the actress Eliza Taylor Cotter, she plays Janae in the Show Neighbours and when she was younger she played Rosie in the Show Sleepover Club ! Eliza is also a very well known Australian Actress .

This Is Peri Gilpin, The talented Actress who played Roz Doyle in The American Show Frasier. Peri Is Best Friends With Frasier Co-Star Jane Leeves .

This Is Jane Leeves, The Actress Who Played Daphne Moon In the Show Frasier, she Also starred in Miracle on 34th Street . Jane Was very succesful as a model as well and now she is still thought of as a wonderful English American Actress !

This is Sara Paxton, the actress who played Aqua in the movie Aquamarine and also played Darcy in the Show Darcy's Farm !

This Is Victoria Justice The Actress Who Plays Lola in the show Zoey 101 . As well as being In that show she has also starred in the suite life of Zack and Cody !

This is Miley Cyrus, Famous Singer and Actress . She has her own Album and she is also known as Hannah Montana as well .

This is Emily Osment, The actress who plays Lily/Lola In the show Hannah Montana !

This is Hilary Duff, The actress Who Plays Lizzie McGuire, as well as being an actress Hilary is also a singer !


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