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Ice Skating with my family!!!

Dear Diary.....

I am going Ice Skating with my family today and i am soooo excited,i cant wait, When we where changed and ready to go we traveled to peterborough ice rink. However,there was a big queue and we were standing there for 15 minutes, but we got to the front in the end. when we had paid,we got our skates and went onto the ice and i was flying round but my mum didnt want to go on for a while because there was to many people so she waited on the side.I helped my dad as he was struggling but the best part was that he fell over on his bum... LOLZ.Later on my mum came on,she was a bit nervous but she skated well with my dad, when he got the hang of it, After that the disco lights came on and the music was pumping like mad...(it was loud!).By midday we all starting to get a little peckish so we went to the cafe and got some spicy wedges and it took us 20 minutes to get them but we got them,and they were.... DELICIOUS!! Then we went back onto the ice and did a few laps,Then we all had to come off because they had to clean the ice so it wasn't as slippery.When they had finished we went on for another half and hour and then came off.My mum then told me we were having i chinese i was soooo happy,i love chinese,So when we got home dad orderd the chinese it took 45 minutes to get here but it got here in the end.... by the time we had finished all the stuff had neally gone and we were stuffed my dad said "I coudn't eat another scrap!" and then we watched Dancing On Ice!! when it had finished it was time for me to go to bed!

I had a fabulous day!!!

By Jasmine Burrows year 7

Ice Skating with my family!!! (Sport - Others)    -    Author : Jasmine - Great Britain

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