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OK,Let me make a detail instruction of myself now.Fristly,I am a very narcissistic boy that I like taking pictures regularly on my mobile phone,of course not often.And I'm a little care about others comments to me althought I know I'm not cool enough to make anyone like me.This is a really strange and complicated ideas in my mind thae I think it's a little melodramaticand funny to a boy.

This picture is taken on my college singing competition day.

If god exists,I'd appreaciate him that he gave me three apples for my life.One is the artistic talent: I really love music and I have a gift for singing since I was born.Because of poverty of my family in my childhood,I didn't pay much time and money to learn to play an instrument.Fortenately,in my high school,I often spend my after-school time to go to the piano room secretly to learn the piano and violin by myself.Now I have been able to play some nice music with them and I have written some own music.To be honest,I still have to improve and progress a lot,if you have the same interests,I believe we will be the best friend.
The second apple I image is the interests of nature. As so many teens, I love animals and plants from an early age and I'd like to keep all kinds of them. My mother told me that I had always watched the animals' pictures for a long time as I was young. When I grew up, (now I am a college student)I majored in biology and medicine which I really love. Going back to my childhood, I still could remember how many animals I have ever kept and what they are. Have you ever kept the animals or plants? I think the essential thing to give them a happy life is your love and responsibility,don't you?
This is my favorite pet–– little sugar glider

The beautiful coastal city of China–––Qingdao
The third apple god gave to me is my good character.I am a patient and responsible boy so that lots of my friends say that it's easy to get on well with me. I'm also an outgoing boy, I want to establish good relationship with anyone who wants to know me. So if you are attracted by me, you can send me email,I'd like to be your foreigner friend!
My idol is Jake Gyllenhaal,the famous American Hollywood actor, I know him after watching the movie Brokeback mountain. I really love him as my god, I wish if he could be my boyfriend. Haha……do you think I am joking?

I love you, Jake Gyllenhaal.
This is my family! My grandparents, father,mother sister and me.

Do you know what it is? It's Human epidermal cells which we have to watched in class.
The traditional Chinese culture is colorful and intriguing,includes the foods,the lifestyle,the customs and habits … And I'm willing to show you detailedly as much as I know if you want to understand them. I'd appreciate it if you are willing to show your state culture to me.

the character of Fu
Yesterday,I visited the zoo in my city and I'd show some pictures.

My email address: 17863937451@163.com

WELCOME TO HUAHAO WANG'S FOREST! I WANT TO MAKE FRIEND WITH YOU! AND I LOVE EVERYTHING OF ART! (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Huahao - China

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