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How To Be An Ella

Hello everyone!! I'm Ella,I'm from Australia, and this is my first ever blog!! This is how to be like me!! So, basically, it's about me!! You should keep reading this blog if you:
1. Like English (reading, writing, spelling)
2.Have siblings
3. Like cats and koalas (or just one of these)
4. Like pen pals
So that is a VERY short summary of me. I have so much to say, I have no idea where to start!!

I will start with cats, I have decided. So here is some things about my cats!! I'll start with Raven:

This is Raven. Raven is part Maine Coon, because she has ear furnishings (little tufts coming out her ears, SO ADORABLE!!), acts like a dog ( plays fetch, wags tail when happy), and kind of has a mane, like a lion!! Some people think she is unlucky, because she is black, but I think I agree with the Japanese and British, they are lucky!! Raven has brought heaps of luck to me, and I love the fluffy darling!! She loves to play with pom poms, mouse toys, and is very affectionate, with a loud purr!! She is 3.

This is Panda!! She is a normal Domestic Short Hair. Her name is Panda, which is my sister's (more on her later) favourite animal!! We didn't name Panda ourselves, nor Raven. I am glad about that, because if we named them ourselves, one would be called Pickle Jonny, and the other Cuddle Pie!! We got them both on the same day and Panda is just 25 days older than Raven!! She loves eating food and playing with string. She is not very affectionate, and prefers to stay in a sunny spot!!
This wasn't really how to be me, more, um, about my cats, but whatever!!
Here are some random cat facts:
1. They have rough tongues
2. The oldest cat to ever live was Creme Puff, who died at 38 years and 3 days
3. Cats are asleep for about one third of their lives!
4. Maine Coons are the longest cat in the world, and can grow to four feet!!
5. Cats are the only mammal who cannot taste sweetness!
My Family

I have an amazing family, who all love me a lot (my sister not as much as my parents!!)

First name: Fiona
Fave colour:Purple
Fave food: Donuts(just like me)
Fave animal:Cat
Fave quote: Alas, earwax- Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Best trait: Helpfulness

Fave colour: Pink
Fave food: Pizza
Fave animal: Cat, horse, panda
Fave quote: May the force be with you-Unknown-Star Wars (she is going through a Star Wars phase)
Best trait: Talented at writing

First name: Richard
Fave colour: Blue
Fave food: Pizzas(more than one at a time)
Fave animal: Jaguar
Fave quote: The optimists will build the future because the pessimists won't even try-Iron Man-I don't know,I don't watch that stuff
Best trait: His daughters

DONE!! Now more about ME!! By the way, this is all information from a survey I sent Dad and Caitlin so none of this is according to me!!

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