Animals - Others
Need to know about your horse?

Need to know what to look for when shopping for a horse or
getting over a phobia over these beautiful creatures.
Just ask me a question and I can try and reply with a sufficient
answer to fer fill your vast knowledge and expand your love for horses!
This weeks Haiku:
Pacing through the grass
Running towards home for his feed
Heart skipping a beat
Check out this weeks article:
Getting to know your horse

If you have your own horse or are looking to buy one,
I can provide to you what I know and have learned about owning,
caring for my own 6 horses.

I am 12 years old (Thats pretty young to be telling myself how to find,
a horse) you probably woulod think but don't judge me without listening to
what I can supply to you about my love of horses!

Need to know about your horse? (Animals - Others)    -    Author : Georgia - Australia

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