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This is my blog of horses.

Horses are very nice and beautiful.

Type: Mammal

Diet: Herbivore

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Size: 76-18 cm high though varies greatly by breed

Weight: 54-1000 kg, again varying with breed

Habitat: Deserts, grasslands and woodland

Range: Worldwide

Scientific name: Equus ferus caballus

These are the names of the things you need to ride a horse:

The HELMET to protect your head,the SADDLE to sit on,the STIRRUP to put your feet and the BRIDLE to say to the horse were do you want to go.

The horse more common is the Equus caballus.They are 300 breeds of horses.

The first domesticated horse was the Equus caballus.The horse is a strong and large animal they are breeds that can pull very heavy loads.The horse eats plants but some plants are dangerous for them like the ragwort and the acorn.

This is a baby horse.The baby horse can run 1 hour after he is born.

The horse is a mammal . The horse can sleep lying and standing.The horses go to sleep when the sun set and wake up when the sun rises.

Domestic horses live 25 years.A 19th century horse has lived 62 years.The horse is a familiar animal.The horses can have 4 colours:black,brouwn,white and golden but they can be mixed.

Horses can run very fast to scape predators.The horses have 205 bones.Horses have been domesticated 5000 years.
Horses have the biggest eyes that other mammal on earth.

Horses can gallop 44kph.The fastest record of a horse was 88kph.Estimates suggest that there 60 million horses.
The name of a male horse isstallion. The name of a female horse is mare.

The name of a young male is colt.The name of a young female is filly.The ponie is a small horse.Wersten riding is a style of horse riding.

These are the races of horses

American Cream Draft Andalusian Welsh Mountain Pony Welsh Pony

Appaloosa Arabian horse Bashkir Curly Belgian horse

Canadian Horse Clydesdale Dales Pony Dutch Draft

Dutch Warmblood Exmoor pony Falabella Fjord Horse

Friesian Gypsy Vanner Hanoverian Holstein

Java Pony Jutland horse Icelandic Horse

Lipizzane Mongolian Horse Morgan horse Irish Sport Horse

Mustang Noriker Oldenburg horse Paint Horse

Percheron Peruvian Paso Quarter Horse Russian Don Saddlebred

Shetland Pony Spanish Mustang Thoroughbred Walkaloosa

The horse races,is a sport with the racehorses.The horses bred for racing participate in the race .The race of horse that goes very much to races is the thoroughbreds.

Horses drink very much water, 25 gallons of water a day. In fact, water is 50% of a horse's body weight.

The horse’s teeth never stop growing

The horses produce 10 gallons of saliva per day.

A horse’s heart weighs between 9 or 10 pounds,and it's like the size of a basketball.

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