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Smiley Miley Cyrus-Destiny Hope Cyrus

It's Miley Cyrus.... duh!

Hey everybody! This page was designed totally and completely by me, Amanda. I hope you love it, and remember, I love you for looking at it! Bahahaha.(:

Miley Cyrus and her mom, Leticia Finley!
Birthname-Destiny Hope Cyrus (which is now legally changed to Miley Cyrus)
Dad-Billy Ray Cyrus
Mom-Leticia Finley
Sisters-Noah Linsdey & Brandi
Brothers-Trace & Braison Chance

Miley Cyrus and her daddy, Billy Ray!

Noah Lindsey Cyrus!

Braison Chance Cyrus!

Trace Cyrus!

Brandi Cyrus!

Miley's outfit is adorable! Although, her shorts may be a bit too short. Lady Gaga on the other hand..... haha. I love them both!(:

Her sweatshirt is flippin cute!

You get the.....

.....best of both worlds!!!!

little Miley riding a stanky pony
Awwww, she is soo cute!

Hannah Montana Forever

Hannah Montana owning the stage(:

Make some noise!

Just Dance(:

She is stunning!

Miley, Aly, and AJ are all very close!

What would you do if you saw this? (;
[picture not found]

Hannah Montana in 3D movie

These are animated people that show "The Best of Both Worlds."

Shmilerz and Shmanderzz!

rocking it!

Best Friends!

Miley Cyrus bedroom

Hannah Montana&Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in 3D movie

Hahahahahaahaaa :D
Miley Cyrus Glamorous Photoshoot


Lets get CRAZY.

I absolutely LOVE this picture!

Miley looks good in camo!

younger Hannah

Miley Cyrus holding her cellphone

The wallpaper is a picture of her and Nick Jonas kissing. It is Niley proof!

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