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Heath Ledger Joker Fansite!

Welcome to my webpage dedicated to Heath Ledger "The Joker"! Thanks to all you visitors for coming,All pictures on the site are free to use :) Anything EXCEPT MY TEXT can be copied!

*Why So Serious?
*Let's put a smile on that face
*Here we GO!
*This city deserves a better class of criminal

The Joker Unmasked! A.K.A. Heath Ledger with Scars!!

"Ooh You wanna play?" - The Joker

"I only have 1 rule" - The Batman
"Well then to know the truth youll have to break your 1 rule" - The Joker

"Good Everning Ladie and Gentle-Men we are tonights entertainment" - The Joker

Poster A

Poster B

Poster C

Page By Jared
More Pics and Qoutes Coming Soon!
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Heath Ledger Joker Fansite! (Cinema, tv - Action)    -    Author : Jared - USA

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