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Peace. Love. Happiness.

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Peace. Love. Happiness.

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9th June 2014

Welcome, all!

Welcome to my blog, based on aspects of the modern bohemian hippie lifestyle. Here, I'll share fashion tips and styles falling into this genre, nature and clothing photography, and my thoughts and general musings about life. As a keen blogger and soon-to-be journalist, I'd love any additional criticism you'd like to give me, as well as your own pictures that I'll include in future posts. Thank you all, and keep blogging!

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10th June 2014

The Top Five Must-Have Hippie Fashions

Morning, all! As my first (actual) post on this blog, I thought I'd start off with the basics of the boho chic and give you a run-down of the top five must-have hippie fashion pieces. Although this style is generally about being yourself and feeling a sense of freedom in expressing your emotions through clothing, these style items give you a head start with the bohemian look.

1) The Maxi Skirt

This beautiful piece, perfect when worn with a plain vest, cropped top or knitted pullover, is the height of hippie fashion and can be worn all year round.

2) The Oversize Sunglasses

As it's summer, sunglasses are an essensial, so why not think big and try an oversize style?

3) The Kimono

The kimono, which can act as a thinner, summer version of a cardi, is a beautiful item of clothing, perfect when worn with a maxi skirt or ankle grazers and a simple vest. With kimonos, the brighter the better!

4) The Fringed Bag

A fringed bag adds a classy, bohemian finishing touch to any outfit, come rain or shine! Go for a traditional brown leather style, or be brave and try a bright block colour!

5) The Flower Crown

This is the ultimate hippie accessory, and can be matched up with almost every outfit! Coming in a variety of colours and styles and now available in most high street clothing stores, flower crowns and other similar hair accessories add the bohemian edge in the simplest of ways, and can be worn with any hairstyle. Try a flower crown with a matching kimono, or interlace smaller hair flowers into a fishtail plait

I hope that these tips have been helpful, and don't hesitate to contact me for more information or to offer your advice. I'd love to hear your top five hippie fashion hints, and let me know if there's anything I've missed! Keep your eye on this page for more posts soon!

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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