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What's up guys and welcome to my blog only now with more strange pictures.
Like this:
And this:
But now some writing.
This week was relaxing and chill.
And nothing really happend.
I guess this was my blog..

Hello ladies and gentlemans.

Welcome to my blog or something like that.
I have no idea what to write but you probaly aren't interested in anything I have to say.....
So here is a banana octopus.
But it's almost my birtday!
I am really looking forward to it.
So tady I am back on school.
It's really boring and tough.
I really hate make bread for tomorrow and I found something on the internet that prevents your bread from being stolen.
Pretty cool I think.
It's called:"The anti-theft lunch bag"
I want it but I don't think it is available in The Netherlands.
But let's end this because it's getting really long.

Bye from me, Hidde

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