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cole sprouse

who is cole sprouse?

cole sprouse is the star (with his brother, dylan), of "the suite life of zack and cody" and now, thay are just come with a new t.v show- the suite life on duck. thay are playing as cody and zack martin.

cole birthday is the 4.8 (1992) and now his 16 years old.

cole and dylan are the famouset twins (boys) in the world!

more soon!!!

tha picture of the week!


what's up?

12/12 friday: i'm sorry i don't have a news for today!
this is a realy boring day!!

24/11 i don't know what was this day!: o.k, so the news are:
did you know, that Esperanto is a language that you supposed to know, because of that this is a language that all the world supposed to know. This is an international language, but not all the people know about it. this is an easy language, that all the people can understand it. so try to learn it, it's good for you!
(and this is base on the English letters!)

more soon!

hello world.

here you can see a few thinks about me:

i live in: israel!!!
my favored T.V show is: the swite life of zack & cody.
i am the fan of: cole & dylan sprouse- specially cole...

that`s it.

more soon!!

it's so cole to be cool!

cole in the movie
big daddy!

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