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My name is Hashan Buddhika. I'm 14 years old.I'm a student from Sri Lanka. I'm in Grade 9. My e-mail address is My mother's name is Mrs.Dayawathi. She is teacher.My father's name is Mr.Palitha. He is famer. I have two brothers and no sisters. younger brother's name is Shashika. elder brother's name is Sajith. My favourite subject is English.My future ambition is to be a Doctor.
My Village

My Village name is Bopitiya. It is locate Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja rain forest is located in our village.
My Village is beautiful village. My village has beautiful flowers and trees, Beautiful River and mountain. My village also has a beautiful temple. It name is lenagiri temple.
Lot of paddy fields are situated in our village. The village has a one school. It name is R/Rambuka eViilage school. Tea, Rabber are plant in our area. Lot of Volley ball and Cricket players are born in our village. I love my village and I protect my village.
This is my village

This village is very beautiful
Tea Plantation

Motherland of tea Plantation is China. Even now when we consider about tea Plantation in world main country is China. However the best tea production of the world produce by Sri Lanka.
English has introduced tea to Sri Lanka fristy. Mr. James Tailer who was the owner of the Kandy tea estates started the tea Plantation in Sri Lanka in 1873.
At the begining Sri Lanka exported 10.5 Kg For forign market. Those days they Produced tea using the palm of the hand. That is to say the green tea was ground by using peoples hands. After that step by step the green tea was ground by using machines.
According to the new technology machines were modernization. Then both labours and machines were used to Produce tea Powder more and more.
At present the main export crop in Sri Lanka has been tea.
Before the English introduced this Plant For our Country they checked the climate of the Country.
They Planted tea various Provinces in our Country. Finaly they decided up Country and Low country is more Suitable for this plant. From then nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Rathnapura, Galle and Matara districts were most popular for this crop.
Sri Lanka exports tea Such as America, British, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. At Present Sri Lankan tea has been famoused as “Lova pinavana sirilaka tea”


Flowers have been important to man since ancient time peoplelove to grow flowering plants in their home gardens. Botanical gardenlike peradeniya and haggala in Sri Lanka have a wide veriety of flowers. Natural forests Sri Lanka like Sinharaja are also abundant in beautiful flowers.
Flowers have a fragrance and they beautify the environment. They appeal to everyone. They brighten every occasion of our lives. We use flowers to express our feeling. They are also used in religious activities. We are protect flowers.

The Importance of Rain forests

Tropical rain forests are located around the equator. The temperature around the equator is high. Hence the rate of water evaporation is high. As are salt there is frequent rain in rain forests. They are found in south and Central America, Africa in the islands around Australia and Asia. The rain forests are important to human existence and the surroundings. Rain forests are a rich source of medicinal plants, Food and useful forest products. They main rain about 50% of the plats, animal bird, reptile and insect species of the words. These forests help to main rain a regular rainfall. They also stand as a buffer against floods droughts and erosion. These forests produce a significant amount of the word’s oxygen.
Vesak Festival
Vesak is a National festival in Sri Lanka. It come in May. It is the most important festival to the Buddhists. It marks there important events of the Buddha’s life. They are the birth of prince Siddhartha. The Enlightenment of ascetic Siddhartha and passing away of the Buddha.
Many Buddhists observe sil on the vesak poya day others participate in various religious activities. Most people offer alms to the poor and the needy on this day. Vesak is fun for the children of all ages. They make lanterns of different colors. They decorate their homes with Buddhist flag and lanterns. The parents too join them to make the names beautiful.
The Buddhists decorate even the streets with the Buddhist flag and colorful lanterns. You can see pandols in all main cities and towns on vesak days.

Gems in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been famous for gemstolnes from the earliest times. It is an important export trade today. Many areas in the Sabaragamuwa Province are well known for gems. Ratnapura is the most important region for gems. Ratnapura means the “City of Gems”. It has gem museums displaying the wide range of gems, availble in the cointry.
The blue Sapphire is the king of Sri Lanka gems. The 400 carat blue sapphire called the “Blue Bell” which adorns the British crown is from Sri Lanka. Rubies, cat’s eyes, alexandrites, apuamarines , tourmalines, spinals, topazes, garnets and amethysts are some of the precious stones found in Sri Lanka.
The cutting of gems is a specialized job. Gems are cut and polished before they are set. Different regions in the country have different ways of making jewellery. Gems are generally worn for their beauty. People also believe that gems have the power to bring luck.

Nugagahayata Ella for Holiday Visit

Beautiful places are situated in beautiful Villages. As well as beautiful village in rural places. There are so many places in Sri Lanka to visit in your leisure time this is a very good example for you. It is situated in very rural place. But it was very beautiful. This place called Nugagahayata Ella. Village name is Liyanikkandha. We can’t access this place easily. It was rough and difficult. The position of Nugagahayata Ella is very cold place. It has lot of meditional plants. This place called Nugagahayata Ella because it had big nuga tree. But today it is haven’t. It is a beautiful place. We are bound to Protect it.

Pots are made of clay. Pottery is a living craft that relates very much to the life of Sri Lankans. Small votive lamps, graceful water jugs, decorative ornaments and various cooking vessels of clay are very popular. Ever though there are many new ideas in this field many potters still employ traditional methods.
Most of the pottery is made on a rotating disk that the potter keeps turning. Its called the potters wheel and then the potter forms a pot by turning the lump of clay. Decoration to the pot is done by incising patterns or stamping with dyes while the clay is still wet. Most pots are fired in a primitive kiln built of bricks or stones. It is covered with a wattle and daub roof.
Pottery is now used mostly for decoration. Saucepans have replaced the clay pot in most homes.

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