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Hi iam going to talk about harry potter and maybe some other fandoms but i hope u ike it

So for those who dont know Harry Potter here is a quick summary of what it is:note if u already read it u dont have to read this
harry potter ia a 7 book series which focus on a 10 year old book while he ages up in his 11th birthday he receives a misterius letter which in the following weeks come and comes again but his uncle doesnt want him to see whts inside so after that they move into diferent places to avoid the letters but they were always found him so when he is on his like 4 diferent home a giant named Hagrid showed up at his doorstep and said this special words "you are a wizard Harry" so after that he went and bought his stuff and went to the train station were he meet the Weasly family who tell him were to go and he makes friends with Ron the second youngest of the family who in the train meets Hermione and all of them go to the placing ceremony which choses their house Ron is placed on Grifindor Hermione was almost put in Ravenclaw but ends up in Grifindor and harry was almost put in Slytherin because he speaked parseltoungue they later on atend classes and all in the middle of the book harry is on his first quidwitch match thwn after that they find a secret room that is guarded by a giant dog called Fluffy who they put to sleep and venture inside but are trapped in a plant luckily Hermione does her homework and find out how to get out after that they find themdelf in a room full of fliyng keys so they grab the one they need and get anotherquest which is wizard chest and Ron wins but is injured badly after that they get to a roomwith 9 diferent potions which Hermione solves and allows harry to pass after that he finds Profesor Quirel which reveals hiimself to be Voldemort after a fight Quirel turns into dust and the part od Voldemort disapears he later wakes up in the nursery and has a talk with Albus and he goes back to his"home"and thats the first book i hope it was good and u understand it if u alredy know the storie u can skip this see the next one for more information see u

now so the first hting i liked to point out is the harry potter fandom has many type of persons so i will try to put diferent sections for diferent people like that u can be more comfty so one or many htings can relate the first is i think is the love of wanting more of it we shuold respect that J.K Rowling is a busy woman an that they take time to write and all so please respect her anddont judge or expect something bad of her so now we can contine we all love the actors and most of the time get harry potter crushes so just to point out remeber they are not real uso u can love them just dont go crazy we also should see how ggod or bad it is for us so i hope u take that into account and i will put more on the next one so thank u

hello so the first thing to talk about in this one is for me the Roblox community we have more things to base off and we can connect more we also can rp like harry and all the other characters but some players might be mean or they are power players roblox players will understand a power players trie to control the other players choices so it just like they want so dont be or trie to avoid them to all who are power players stop doing that so also we should have more respect for each other i havent played many games but i can tellu that u should respect those whoare older or younger than u same age counts i hope it was nice or helpful so that all i put in for todays work

Hi iam going to talk about harry potter and maybe some other fandoms but i hope u ike it (Cinema, tv - Fantasy, Fiction)    -    Author : Ikia - Mexico

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