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My chemical ROMANCE

My chemical Romance has changed alot over time. They used to be the goth band, but now they are the emo band. Being a Tween, its kind of wierd for ME to like this kind of music. I never used to listen to them. But now that i heard their new songs...But dont get me wrong, i like their old songs to...
My fave songs to listen to are "Teenagers", "Helena", "famous last words" and "welcome to the black parade"

The black parade was the first ever song i ever heard from them when they changed their image... EEEEK!!!! i love them. but now i listen to old and new songs.

I like Garard better with Short hair, but thats my opinion. But sometimes, if i look at him, he looks very cute with long hair and VERY DIFFERENT from his short hair look. X_x

Helena was the first ever song i ever heard from M.C.R {My chemical romance}.
Isnt that sad...???

I think he looks better with black hair instead of blonde. x_X

This is the old look!!! LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCES!!!! X_x

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