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KK so I am so excited right now I'm on my IPhone 5gS (Just work with me I know it isn't out yet or though of yet) doing this so obviously the school day isn't over yet. So today I wore a Killer Elite dress and got compliments by everyone that saw me except for the ultimate...... G2G 2 B Contin U d
Hello Readers!
This blog contains all my inner thoughts and because I don't know you I think it's safe for me to put my journal entries here. Just in case I will change everybody's names and hopefully it will be like Read It and Weep (I mean will NOT be ;)). Any who get ready for a whole lot of crazy and a lot of fun!

PS. It will be just like Desperate Housewives!
PPPS. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Whats Up?
OH Back to the story

KK os I was like freaking out so I ran back to my locker when she wasn't looking and changed into my respectable flats. Good thing I stole the Office Wench's glasses otherwise I would have been in big TROUBLE.
I love that song (troublr by P!nk ;)). Any way I'm so excited for Valentines Day I've been wearing KILLER dresses this week and I have been eating only my diet shakes so it should work!
Cross your fingers!

OKAY so Iw as like online shopping in like 8th period to day and I found like the Tempu from Sephora for like 12$ and I started jumping up and down but the my AWFUL teach: Mrs. Imbusel saw me and sent me to detention :(. I know why she isn't married ;) but why does she make us call her MRS.??? Because she is ALL about the egotistic power trips. Any way I'm here right and like I see our headmistress and she is like "WHERE R UR PANTS?!!!" i;M LIKE HELLO! DUH! I was wearing SUPER CUTE tight leather pants and she was like I need to call your mother, the problem was I was wearing my friends shirt which my mother would kill me if she saw me in!..... TO BE CONTINUED

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