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I come from China with a long history£¬
Today I'd like to introduce Chinese traditional clothes
It's called in Chinese"ºº·ş"
Dress culture
Hanfu clothing is the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese
It's the significant cultural symbol of Chinese civilization

It has had a long history for nearly 4000 years since China originally began

Chinese civilization, also called "Hua-Xia" ("Hwa-Shia"). "Hua"("Hwa") means the beauty of the dress
 decoration which is Hanfu clothing; "Xia"("Shia") is the grandeur of rites and social conduct. 

Many East Asian national costumes, such as the Japanese Kimono, the Korean Hanbok still share the basic style with Hanfu, as historically these nations were largely influenced by (Han) Chinese culture
The main feature of Hanfu is wrapping the right side over before the left. There are casual wear and formal wear of it

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