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Do you like H2o?
I really like it.
I hope you will enjoy the blog about H2o.
Main cast of H2o.

Claire Holt as Emma

Cariba Hein as Riki
There are 3 seasons of H2o. Have you seen all?

Phoebe Tonkin as Cleo

Indiana Evans as Bella
A small description about H2o :
One Day accidentally theses three teenagers Emma, Cleo and Riki goes to the Mermaid Island. There they find a pond and Emma jumps into the water and swims to find a way. She finds that for 20 seconds they can reach the sea. All three girls jump in to the water. It is a volcano and when the girls are in water the moon shines directly to the hole in the volcano. There will be a sparkling and everything is fine. Finally they reach home. The other day they finds out that when they are in water they will become mermaids. They will find that they have magical powers too. And then the girls keep it as a secret. Then the story begins.

H2o (Cinema, tv - Fantasy, Fiction)    -    Author : Sunara - Sri Lanka

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