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Hi and Welcome to my first blog about Gymnastics

As i was small my cousin which lived in England with me, was competing in a gymnastics competition which took place in British Gymnastics Academy. Watching her flip her body around the bars and turning her body on thin and high beams and making lovely skills on floor and jumping over the vault. My body was dancing about, it made me want to start doing gymnastics that very moment. And that was the begging of the story!

My inspiration

I know this gymnast who has competed in many competitions and won various medals such as gold and bronze. Watching her compete manes me know that what i want to achieve is possible and that if i keep working i can get over the limits and go straight to the unopened doors and open them. This magnificent gymnast is called Shawn Johnson. Heres a picture of her...

as you can see this is Shawn Jhonson

The limits

There are many limits in gymnastics. The limits grow in levels for example level 9. Myself is in level 3. As I was saying the different levels expand all the way up to level 10. Let me explane the levels in groups. So for starters level 1 would b ea beginners group level 2 would be intermediate level 3,4,5 are competitive low and finally level 7 to 10 is competitive high.

The needs for levels

The skills you need to develop to join level one are,on floor: Handstand, Bridge, Forward roll, Splits, Tuck and Straddle. As for beam: Walking in various ways, tuck (3 seconds), arabesque and High kicks. Finally for bars:Pull-ups, Hold plank, Front support, Pull-over. And each time you get higher with the levels the more difficult everything begins to get.


Competitions all around the world happen i have been to one or two i have competed in 1 as won 2 place. Joining a competition makes me very nervous every centimeter you move will be watched every second counts. You get graded in decimal numbers such as 9.950.
At the end of each event they award the gymnasts in 1st 2nd and 3rd bases. The award is bronze, gold, silver medal
This is the stage they use to award gymnasts


The equipment that the gymnastics magic happens on are, bars, beams, vault, mats and trampoline.
Here are some images of equipment:




There are many various moves to do such as handstand, cartwheel and round-off. My favorite move is a front handspring and pull over, back hip circle on the bars. Recently in gymnastics i learnt how to do back hip circle the first time i did it i never believed myself and i thought it was just luck but when i tried it again i passed it worked. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF SKILLS:

splits , bridge ,
handstand splits

I learnt most of my talent in gymnastics at a course called muscat gymnastics. Here is its logo:

I recommend this course to all those girls and boys he believe in gymnastics their coaches are as friendly as could be they always believe in you ever since I've joined I've improved so much. Here are the pictures of the coaches:

The gymnastics uniform used in gymnastics id called a leotard i have a professional purple competition leotard. If you don't know how they look like then this is how they do:

They use sparkly leotards so its easier to do gymnastics in it and so that they don't trip and fall its also used so that the judges can know if their leg is straight or not.


The fabric they use is mostly stretch fabric so that its not gloomy.

This fabric is very important and at some shops can be rather very expensive.

The course

The course I go to as you know s called Muscat Gymnastics I will show you some pictures of it.



Gymnastics has many complicated stuff for example skim the cat, i mean what does a cat have to do with gymnastics. Well look deeper, if skim means remove and cat is an animal maybe who ever made that skill up is referring to us as the cat and that we are removing our bodies off the gymnastics bars. Hers a picture of skim the cat on bars:

Chalk and grips

Grips and chalk are used to have more power and strength. They are most often used on bars. If you have read the equipment paragraph then you would know what bars are if not bars are long long narrow type equipment you flip on.
Chalk allows the gymnast to do two things 1: it allows gymnast to turn around the bar without being slowndown because of the sweaty hands 2: it helps release friction and give a smooth turn without injurys.

What it's made of

It is originally made of salt it can come in various ways such as bricks or powder. However at top level gymnastics they will feel uncomfortable without it.

What else they use on their hands
Well a gymnast named Jonathon Horton uses a little bit of honey before adding the chalk. He does that so that the chalk does not fall and it stays sticky.

Gymnastics fun fact

Gymnastics as a sport has been around for 2,000 years.
The Ancient Greeks practiced gymnastics as a way to prepare for war. Activities like running and jumping, along with throwing a discus and wrestling were used to prepare the young Greek men. Boxing was also used and all of these activities helped develop the muscles needed for hand-to-hand combat. Additional fitness practices used by the ancient Greeks included methods for mounting and dismounting a horses and a variety of circus performance skills.
In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries two pioneer physical educators, Johann Friedrich GutsMuth and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn created exercises for boys and young men on several apparatus they had designed.
Friedrich Jahn became known as the “father of gymnastics”. He designed and introduced the horizontal bar, parallel bars, balance beam, side horse with pommels, ladder, and vaulting horse.
Women first started to participate in gymnastics events in the 1920s and the first women’s Olympic competition was held in the 1928 Games in Amsterdam. However, the only event to compete was synchronized calisthenics. Combined exercises for women were first held in 1928. Then, in the 1952 Olympics the first full regime of events for women was in competition.
The benefits

There are many benefits in gymnastics like for example, my friend was a very clumsy person when she was a little girl she had a hard time walking and when she went to visit Lebanon she went to a gym close to her flat that she stayed in it helped her a lot to develop her muscles and regrow her brain. This brave girl goes by the name of Thuraya.

Gymnastics has brought happiness to my life my only hobby is gymnastics. I mix gymnastics and cheer leading together it helps a lot. Basically its the same thing flips Ariel and all those stuff.

Latest information about my gymnastics

So far in gymnastics i have almost got my aerial and my back handspring and i achieved my front handspring. Now i have a new spectacular coach and her name is Susana. Further on i will be receiving one of my favorite gymnastics event equipment which is bars from go check out that site it delivers from America, China and England to Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Here are some pictures of my skills:

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