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Hi!Im Grainne and welcome to igrainne.com!Im from Galway,Ireland.Im 9 years old,Im in a band with my friend,Ava who is 6,I live with my mum,my brother and my dog.My dad lives in a flat,and I love Pixie Lott and Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!Check out the rest of my page and dont forget to add me on students of the world.Bye,xxx Grainne.
Hi again.Grainne here.I just want to let you know about my friends.

Amy_Very nice and helps you with your problems FAST.A bit rough but still the nice girl she is to her friends.Age 12.Born:Limerick,Ireland.Birthday:17/11/1998.

Ava_Can be a bit bossy but still lovable and caring.Born:Galway,Ireland.Age 6.

Sara_Very nice and sweet.And very populer.Loves Docter Who(no SERIOUSLY)Age 11.Born in Brazil.

Hazel_Very good at solving problems.Very funny but a bit of a drama queen.Age 9.

Sarah_Very fun to be with very nice and funny.Age 9.
Thanks for letting me tell you about my best friends.
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Hello.Grainne here.I just wanted to tell you about my cute little dog Dubheen.

Dubheen is a nice,cute,sweet,friendly dog.He might be big but that dosent mean hes that old.Hes 5 years old.A lot of years to live, Dubheen!He has a lot of girlfriends like these;Milly,Tiny,Snowy,Ella,Lola,Lisa and much more!

Hello.Grainne here.Im going to tell you about my band now.
Members:My friend Ava and me.
Fans:Culann(my little brother),Lucina(my mum)Jimmy(my dad and manager)Matthew(Avas older brother)Siobhan(Avas mum)Richard(Avas dad)and sort of Lilly(Avas baby sister)

Hello again!I have a baby sister called Poppi.Her name is spelled like Poppi instead of Poppy because my parents wanted a unique name that nobody had that are family knew but we knew that there was probably loads of girls around the world called Poppi.So I said why dont we spell it like Poppi instead of Poppy so it will sort of be unique.So my mum agreed with me.My sister is 1 year old.her birthday is on the 27/08/08.Weird right?She is very cute and small.Soon Im going to do a LIVE interview on my brother Culann so watch out!

Ok slight change of plans.You we're probably all expecting an interview but I had it perfectly good but my brother pressed a button and deleted it all so I decided Im not interviewing him any more but he went of all sulky any way :(.Im still gonna think of some thing AWSOME to type about.Hmmmmmmmmm...Oh,I cant think of any thing.Sorry :(.I bet Ill have thought of some thing great by tommorow.

Hi viewers.Im starting up a new segmant which I like to call,ASK GRAINNS.All you have to do is either leave me a message or email me at grainnearmstrong@utvinternet.com or grainnearmstrong@gmail.com.If you have a facebook,then leave a message on Grainne Armstrong(and there will be a pic of Justin Bieber.)And if I can think of a simple answer then I will show it on the home page for ALL MY VIEWERS to see.

Later fans,Grainne.


Hi Grainne fans.Did you know how much I love dancing?We do Irish dancing in school.Some time that can be BORING!
I was actully dancing hip hop (and the rest)since I was 5.I was ok at it.I have a photo here of when I was in my first concert.It was fun but I didnt mind if it was scary at all!I loved it and wouldnt stop dancing on stage(me and my partner are the ones in blue)and we were also in the front row!How exiting was that?I want to say just at least try dancing and you might learn to like it.And do'nt be afraid to try something.It might be more fun then you thought if you try it.

Latert fans,Grainne.
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This is me in Connemara,Galway.

This is me with my cousin Caoimhe.We are REALLY good friends.Every year we do a dance routine.This year we did it with California Gurls,Katy Perry.We do it every summer.

This is me with my cousins,my brother and my uncle Tom.

Katlyn is beside me,Culann(my brother)is beside her then Connor then Caoimhe.My uncle Tom is standing behind us.

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