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1 frogs

Most of the people call us "Froggies" (and yes I come from france+ I hate that). They say we are bizzard and most of all desgusting
The French are readily qualified as "Froggies" ("frog eaters") by the English, shocked to know that some eat frog legs. ... In France, frog legs began to be consumed from the 12th century.

I am sure you prefer sushi!
2 Butter!

French put butter every where: pasta, coooking, cakes... If we had a name for this it would have been "butter carnivor" or "french buttery".... you, yes you who is reading my artical, put mostly oil in your food(if you are not french of course 😋) but never matter.

Butter is life!

3 gluttony

You don't think we are really fat or eater of sucrery well look at the title of this erly journal:

Survey: nine out of ten French people say they are greedy

I am one of the very big foodies
I think this all, don't hesitate to see my other sites : volley ball and whale killer! And a super blog I made with Rafia: save our word

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