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There's alot of information i had in mind about information communication technology
Before we proceed I always feel free to share personal information about myself.
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Am a honest man. Am also frank just like my name.

I enjoy soccer. I also enjoy making friends world wide
Am a Uganda as you know. What else? Oh yes am still single but I don't know whether am searching or not. Any way back to what is on the table.

I do enjoy codding with the few codes I know from different programming languages.
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I think now we can talk about having an interest in computer science.
What is a computer?
I think most of us know what it is. Let me tell you what I can tell about a computer.
A computer is an electronic device that processes user information in form of data into information. I understand ever one has his or own answer. But that was my view as well.
Now what you understand by the term computer science.
I think one can browser this to get the right full answer.

Computer science is the computation of information.

Under the field of computer science I love talking about coding. How I wish I was a good at this.
But I hope with time I will be a code master.
But as per what I know if some one is a beginner you should start with learn some

  • HTML

  • Javascript

  • python

  • c+/c

That's all I may talk about programming languages to begin with.
But note that HTML is not a programming language it's just a markup language.

It surely feels good to have some bit of know about ICT.
Let's talk about some simple HTML...


Using Html tags to create a webpage.
We have starting tags such as

< html> this defines the webpage. Telling us that the webpage starts here.

< title> this tells the browser the title of the webpage.
< head> this means heading
< body> this starts the body of the webpage.
Closing tags
are as follows.
< /body> this tells the browser that the content of the webpage ends there.
< /head>
< /title>
< /HTML> this tells the browser that the webpage ends there.

There are so many tags that you find... But this was just a minor hint.. about codding using html tags...

HAVING AN INTEREST IN COMPUTER SCIENCE!! (Technology - Computer science)    -    Author : FRANK - Uganda

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