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FOUNDATION FOR HOPE is a non-governmental organization saddled with the responsibility of providing support and sense of belonging to the disadvantaged women and persons in the society through the provision of financial and material resources to the women.
It is a common knowledge that while some lived in affluence, have in stocks unbroken chains of wealth for themselves and their generation yet unborn others have persistently lived in destitution and wallowing in abject poverty trailing their very existence. However, some persons and organizations are abundantly blessed hence it is imperative that we should show love and care to the hopeless as we are destined to be a blessing to others.

Our mission is to draw the attention of the generality of the society, organizations, individuals, government and the world at large to the pathetic plight of the poor women, girls and other vulnerable groups and to partner with the society and corporate organizations to provide financial, material resources and health care services to the disadvantage women and the vulnerable groups as well as promote humanitarian services.
To alleviate poverty in Ghana and Kpando Municipality in particular is our topmost mission. Maintain girls especially in the classrooms and to provide vocational training for the less privileged that are out of the classroom and are on the streets.
We shall also intensify the campaign on reproductive health and issues concerning the HIV/AIDS disease. We shall also intensify the campaign against all forms of human right abuses. All other area that discriminates against women and the vulnerable groups shall also be tackled vigorously.
i. Giving scholarship packages and general educational services
ii. Health care provision
iii. Apprenticeship programmes
iv. Organization of examinations and quizzes.
v. Fight against all forms of human right abuses

i. Membership is open to all Ghanaian living in Kpando or away.
ii. Must be 18 years and above and of sound mind.
iii. Must be ready to abide by all rules and regulation in this constitution, the constitution of the Republic of Ghana and all other rules and regulation governing NGOs in Ghana and worldwide.

FOUNDATIONFOR HOPE shall have its office in Kpando in the Volta Region and operate in the Kpando Municipality.

i. To help needy but brilliant girls in the district to continue their education.
ii. To assist girls to enter into vocational training in areas such as seamstressing, hair-dressing and batik tie and dye in Vocational Institutes and with Masters and Madams in the occupation.
iii. Organize girls in the Municipality and give talks and lectures on occupational and career guidance.
iv. Organize and help teenage mothers continue their education or learn a trade of their choice.
v. Assist girls orphaned through the death of parent(s) by HIV/AIDS.
vi. Organize workshops and lecture to girls in both Junior and Senior High School on sexual and reproductive health and the risks of unsafe abortions.
vii. To support People Living with AIDS (PLWA) and educate the general public against stigmatization.

C/o Kpando Senior High School
P.O. Box 48, Kpando
Volta Region, Ghana West Africa

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