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People tend to tell me that Liking certain shows is a sign that you are weird. I have also been told that a girl liking all of this kind of stuff like star trek, lord of the rings, and Superheros is not what its supposed to be like! ok why is that? Why cant girls like this kinds of stuff? i grew up watching it! So lets just say im going to be sticking with it. :)
Oh yeah and Doctor Who is amazing!!!!! i love that show so much!!! XD
Yes this is an advertisement! watch it! it mades people happy :D
Any body seen the movie Up?
Ok that is one of the greatest movies known to man kind!!!
i swear that i die laughing every time i see it. :) i dont know how anyone wouldn't love that movie! *sigh* it just makes me happy ^-^

Ok so i havent really told you people about myself. I am 16 years old, i have red hair and green eyes. I have a very out going personality with most people. when i first meet people face to face i tend to be more shy, but when i get to know those people, i have a lot of fun getting to know them.
I am a geek of sorts. I love anime, manga, superheros, and most things that you wouldn't expect a girl to like.
I love playing sports, and meeting new people.
I want to be a Doctor someday, that or a dental hygienist. that would be awesome! I basically just want to be able to help people someday :)
So hey if you want to hear about something specific then i would love to write about it. so just tell me! :D

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