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Fashion has to be the main thing, most people talk and think about all day everyday.
What would the world be like if fashion, wasn't here!
This is a awesome blog because then every week, you can look at it and then you can think what to wear, and know what to wear. please this is not for school, if you have uniforms. ha ha ha

Well this is the first week,We are looking at dress's and cool trousers and well all fashion.
please I would love to hear your comments thanks.

This is such a nice dress, I love it, this dress would look awesome on, Selena Gomez she can
Get away with nice things like this it is modern and sassy. It says Look at me I know fashion.

I love this dress because it has somthing about it that just says, i have somthing to proove.

Lovley, I love the brown strap,it would be nice for a slim girl
who has a sort of light brown skin but not taned.

Nice Dress for a ball, or a school dance.

This would be nice for a, office job.
Or just someone that works in a place where your need to
look tidy.

This would be a coat,for day to day use. I love it, it is so nice.
Thanks for looking at my site, tune in next week for the update.
See you then.

Fashionista <3

I love this outfit
it would be nice
for everyday use.

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