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On 12th of August 2014

Hi you all! How is your summer going? For me, really good! In Finland it has been very warm summer and I like it. And it has been full of mail, too!

This cute guineapig postcard traveled from me to Germany via Postcrossing! Do you like it? :)

This snow themed postcard shows a beautiful snow ball lantern. I sent it via Postcrossing to China.

Here is a lovely pink Moomin themed postcard that I sent to another Finnish snailmailer via Postcrossing. I really like to send and receive differently shaped cards :)

These adorable animal themed postcards traveled via Postcrossing to Netherlands (squirrel) and to Belarus (bullfinches).

I sent these lovely cards to Germany and to Russia. The card to Germany shows a beautiful Finnish lake view and the card to Russia is a art postcard.

Hope you liked!
5th of August 2014

Hi lovelies! Sorry for not posting for a while. My summer job takes most of the time. But now I have time to show you some cool mail.

Here are two beautiful postcards via Swap-Bot and Postcrossing. The first one is from Germany and it shows the island called "Rügen". The second one is from USA and it has a lovely photo from Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier.

This interesting Postcrossing card from Hong Kong shows a beautiful black and white landscape with birds! I really like black&white cards.

These idyllic postcards are from France and Italy, both via Postcrossing. The card from France has lovely blue window and lilac tree. The card from Italy has many little snowy photos from Ahrntal (Valle Aurina).

This is a cute swap from United Kingdom. Love it! The swap name was "Great ˇˇ 1 sticker sheet and a surprise". I received a super cute sticker sheet with postcard and tea bags.

I sent this long nature and autumn themed postcard to USA via Postcrossing. The photo is from "Yyteri" that is one of my home city's boroughs.
On 2nd of July 2014

Happy July! These have been good mail days last days. Let me show you:

This is an envelope to France via Postcrossing. The girl I sent this said in her Postcrossing profile that she really likes tea so I decided to send her some finnish Nordqvist tea (http://www.nordqvist.fi/en). I hope she liked. And notice the interesting stamp! Many of my snail mail friends in other countries have said that finnish stamps are cool. I think so, too!

These Donald Duck postcards went to Indonesia and USA via Swap-Bot. Do you like Donald Duck?

This cool postcard, I sent it to The Netherlands via Swap-Bot also. The card is themed with famous finnish cartoon called "Kiroileva siili". It is "The Cursing hedgehog" in english (http://www.thecursinghedgehog.com/). In the card the hedgehog says to the other hedgehog: "Don't you know your glasses are so last season?!" :)

This is swap envelope to France via Swap-Bot. The swap was called "100 Random Questions!". The swap idea is that the swap organizer creates 100 questions and you have to answer them to your swap partner :) Kinda cool.

This funny postcard traveled to me from Canada. It says: "I like work - It fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours"
Haha :D

Bye, see you soon!
On 17th Of June 2014

Hello! Fact of the day: in Finland there are over 17 180 Postcrossing members! (Finland's population is 5,2 millions) And Finns have sent over 2,1 million postcards via Postcrossing site. Amazing, right? :)
On 8th of June 2014

Hello! How is your summer starting? Mine is really good. Now I wanted to show you some beautiful mail again!

Here is finnish themed Postcrossing cards to Germany and USA. In Finland we have over 119 000 sheeps. And lots of snow of course, like the lower postcard shows. The photo on the card is from Finnish Lapland.

This is adorable Moomin postcard to China via Postcrossing. I have learned that Asian people are passionated Moomin fans :)

These postcards are finnish art postcards. I sent them to Germany and The Netherlands via Postcrossing. And yes, Germany again! In Germany there are so much postcrossers and swappers :) I think it's very cool! I have visited Berlin once and it was really lovely city.

This adorable dog postcard traveled to Poland via Postcrossing. The dog breed is Irish Setter, I think.

More Easter cards, to Germany and Taiwan.
On 31st of May 2014

Here is more lovely mail from last days:

This is a lovely letter and keychain from my penpal that lives in Sri Lanka.

Here is a Postcrossing card to USA and a swap postcard to Germany. Nice Finnish touristy cards, right? :)

Cute Easter postcards via Postcrossing to Belgium and Russia.

A quote card via Postcrossing from Germany. "Lerne, durch den Regen zu tanzen." means in english "Learn to dance through the rain."

These are beautiful Postcrossing cards to Russia and Belarus!

I hope you liked!
On 28th of May 2014

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that you can find me on:

Twitter: essihuhtamaki

Instagram: esssisusanna

Weheartit: esssi
Hello everybody!

Today (22.5.14) I will start my blog here in Blog City. I already have a blog in blogger.com (esssiworld.blogspot.com) but I wanted to create the second one here. This blog will focus on my lovely hobby, snail mailing. It includes postcrossing, swapping via Swap-bot and letter writing.

So, you probably want to know something about me. My name is Essi and I am from Finlad. I'm 22 years old and my profession is beautician. My hobbies are gym, healthy lifestyle, cooking and baking, photography, snail mailing, postcrossing (http://postcrossing.com/), swapping (http://swap-bot.com/) crafting, geocaching (https://www.geocaching.com/play), writing blog (http://esssiworld.blogspot.com/) and making pearl jewelry :)
On 23rd of May 2014

Here are some mails that I have received this spring.

Beautiful air photo postcard from Tervakoski, Finland via Postcrossing (http://www.postcrossing.com/).
Lovely Heidelberg photo postcard from Germany via Swap-bot & a magical "Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island from Hanoi Road at night" postcard from Hong Kong via Postcrossing.

Colorful orchid postcard from Russia via Postcrossing. Love it!
Interesting Kursunlu (Turkey) postcard from Finland via Swap-bot. ("Not my country postcard" swap) (http://swap-bot.com/)

Beautiful horse postcards from Germany and Belarus via Postcrossing.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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