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I'm living in Singapore and working at a pace that is very intense, my husband and I prefer for the summer holiday tours in Ephesus was included in the 8-day tours turkey. Singapore to Istanbul lasted a full 8 hours after a plane ride was very pleasant and beautiful come to istanbul. Turkish Airlines Boing 777 jumbo aircraft with a wonderful ride. The hostesses were very polite and kind. They served very good food and unlimited tea and coffee. Here we arrived at the airport and private transfer to Istanbul Ataturk airport special hotel in the Sultanahmet district, we went with. History of the hotel with 11 rooms in an old mansion has been restored and serves as a special hotel. The room had a very large and spacious and have us a fruit basket. They offered an unlimited buffet breakfast in the morning, I was just cake and coffee.

Private Istanbul Tours with our guide to the morning, we met in the hotel lobby. Gave information about areas of Istanbul. Istanbul tours Hippodrome was the first time we went, and private. Istanbul Hippodrome was first used as a arane games, competitions, shows, and here, and here was a huge time of Justinian was, and where many people died in the Nika revolt. Two obelisk brought from Egypt. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent mansion with his brother, Ibrahim Pasha, who is married. Ibrahim Pasha mansion has been restored and has served as a museum of the Turkish-Islamic. Finally, the German emperor German Fountain of Sultan Abdulhamid as a gift to get done.

Hagia Sophia, built during the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian, Ephesus on the dome of the temple has four marble column. In as little as 5 years in 531 were made over a period. Hagia sophia, 10,000 people worked in construction. a magnificent work of art and architecture, paintings and mosaics inside are very nice.
The mosaic of the Virgin Mary sitting in the middle of the most popular child in her arms, which is Jesus the prophet of Justinian, in the hands of the right side, the left side of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia Konstantine is a gift. Yesterday, as well as the largest orthodox church was built. Conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 has been After 4 long, thin minarets were added and served as a mosque. In the last fifty years has served as a museum.

Blue mosque of the 16th made on behalf of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet. Ahmet Sedefkar tarfından master architect was 7 years. Istanbul is the most beautiful on top. There is a very thin, long minaret of 6 and 13 are şerefesi. In line with the writings of the domestic future orders decorated with blue tiles. Topkapi palace in a wooded area in the very spacious pavilions are made ​​of classic Ottoman architecture. Baghdad's oldest mansions built during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the lodge. The vaults are made ​​of gold diamonds and ruby emerald treasures this Ottoman Sultan, a special section of the exhibition items. The harem section of the Ottoman sultans lived in the family and women. Has this place has room and the administrative center of the Empire and the Ottoman viziers.

Gallipoli Tours

After breakfast at the hotel in Istanbul is a very nice three -hour bus ride and then came to the peninsula of Gallipoli . This is war gallipoli are sending a large number of military tunnels and trenches . Yııları the First World War took place between 1914-1918 , the war planlanmışdı as a year . Germany austria hungary italy bulgaria ottoman Russia , England and France in response to the group formed . In 1915, the war was the first war in Gallipoli, Canakkale sea . where all the ships sunk by the British Royal Navy . Finally, new zealand australia anzac troops consisting of the Turkish military has a very large land battle . Anzac soldiers and Turkish soldiers behaved bibirlerine friendly and gentlemanly , known as the battle of Gallipoli battle last gentlemen . Every year on April 25 Anzac Day commemoration ceremonies and celebrations are very large . ANZAC and Turkish military for a large number of statues and monuments are tombs . Gallipoli War Museum has a large number of military uniforms, weapons and military equipment .

With ferry arrived in Canakkale city center. Cannakkale played by Brad Pitt in 2004, located in central park Horse sculpture on display used in the movie Troy. Numerous journal articles and book and documentary about Troy Hemoros ileyda article describes the epic. Troy is as old as human history, a the ancient city. The first
layer, 90 meters wide and has a castle, while the top layer is a true city of the Roman Empire. streets tomb sculptures temples, and finally the church has a small theater performance center. Troy statues and monuments of ancient Roman artifacts exhibited in the museum. 10-year war known as the war of Troy, Troy, tucked away at
the statue of the soldiers, backdoor into the castle gate of the castle, where the winning side, and thus bloom changed.

Pamukkale Tours

Istanbul Pamukkale Denizli airport shuttle reached after approximately 1 hour plane ride. The 4-star thermal hotel settled. Hotel had a very large pool of healing water. 20-25 - a very nice pool temperature during the day, we entered the pool and jacuzzi, swimming pool and plenty of Turkish Hamam and a very nice relaxing massage in massage did. They served as an open buffet dinner, unlimited. olive oil and tomato soup, salads, appetizers I had the first time I have eaten from behind and I ate grilled fish as a main dish. Quarter of a large number of the evening by the pool and turkish coffee. We got up early in the morning, and did eat buffet breakfast is very nice and tasty. Very tasty cake with black coffee. Lobisnde met with the hotel and went to Pamukkale tour guide.

There were a large number of fungi and around Pamukkale pamukkale cotton looks like a fortress made ​​of white cotton . Such as cotton, very soft and had a white ground . Pamukkale forbidden to walk with shoes . This is a wonder of nature , and in some parts of muhtşem had a gray color . This healing thermal evaporation of water from the mountains after the white soil is composed of 20-25 degrees . There are some parts where people floating in small pools . They served us tea and coffee in the top section , and here was very nice views of Pamukkale . Now here 's the Roman and Greek civilizations museum artifacts were Pamukkale . Cleopatra floating in pool in this Roman -era statues and columns . Temperature around 20 degrees and very crowded pool. Cleopatra used it as a health & beauty center here . Finally, a Roman city Hiearapolis literally an arena where there are very nice , and the Grand Theatre and the show was a center of With a capacity of 50,000 people , and has been restored and is used as a concert venue . Hiearapolis theater hall has an amazing sound system .

Cappadocia tours

Cappadocia transportation is done in two ways . our preference for 8 hours initially and a very nice air-conditioned bus ride to the highway . The bus had a break 3 times during our journey , they offered us tea and coffee . We reached early in the morning and a very nice special class cappadocia cave stayed at the hotel . Cave hotel room was very spacious and the bathroom had a jacuzzi in the bathroom had a great massagers very nice . First we went to Ortahisar here which was very tasty and made ​​a completely organic breakfast . There was a very nice cake and apple tea . Our tour guide went along with the first Uchisar . This place had a gorgeous view of cappadocia Uchisar Cappadocia's highest point . There were many balloons in the sky and there was a very beautiful image and we Zelvia balloon tour we went to the open air museum . Cappadocia balloon ride and we went from the ground to a height of 225 meters , and here we had a spectacular view of cappadocia . After balloon tour was a celebration with champagne .

Pigeon valley, especially a large variety of birds of the pigeon flights and watched a beautiful valley. Cappadocia most beautiful place in a beautiful place gorgeous valley of the circuit. We went to Cappadocia Goreme open air museum, where many had fairy chimneys and cave. People who lived here had also reserved the church and adorned with many beautiful pictures in a church. Pole Star and Derinkuyu underground cities and 5-7 storey Roman soldiers to escape the snowy weather and are stored here. Finally we went to Avanos and the people here are very nice mud and soil were des dishes are made souvenirs. A very pretty town of Avanos in handicrafts.

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