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My family

My paternal grandfather's name is Jose. Hes years old. He is a farmer.
I don't have a photo from he :(

My paternal grandmother's name is Matilde. She's 80 year old. She's a housewife and she's dedicateds to care of my grandfather.
I don't have a photo from she :(

My maternal grandmother's name is Gudelia. She's 73 years old. She's a housewife. She's the best grandmother.
I don't have a photo from she :(

My maternal grandfather's name is Juan. He's 78 years old. He's a breeder. My grandfather is very intelligent and wise.
I don't have a photo from he :(

They' re my parents. My dad's name is Enrique and he's 43 years old. He is a waiter in a restaurant.
And my mom's name is Bacilia. She's 42 years old. She works in a hotel.
The're married for 15 years.

I'm Enrique, My last name is Baltazar. Im 14 years old, actually. My birthday is on 30th November I'm a student. I'm a very happy person :)
My favorite things in the world are the music and the technology.

He is my little brother and my favorite person in the world. He is 10 years old. He is a student. He likes play with me and the sports

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