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ladies and gentlmen welcome to the english club of university of koudougou
Our Motto:where there is the will there is the way

Our Address:E mail: clubanglaisuk@yahoo.fr
Phone :76 06 17 05
70 66 05 31
Box :376 koudougou university
Burkina Faso
who we are?
The english club of the university of koudougou
is a club with linguistique vocation.the club is
apoliticale,non confessionnal and non lucratifs aims.
the club has been creat during 2006-2007academic years
by a student group.until those time we have in our club
aboutthirty member and the club is lead by an executif
bureau of twelve members.we have one meeting every week
and a english teacher is concern with this activity.

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