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About Me and My Friends

In real life, I'm a person who is introverted. Thus, I don't have much true friend. However, when I start my education this year, I have discovered one thing. I discovered that I would be able to make friend with others if I try to be more opened.

I never expect that how great to have a lot of friends around me. As I'm a person with the characteristics of gentle and quiet in high school, I could never know the feelings of knowing about more friends. But now, I got the chances. I got this chances to enjoy my first Uni life and look in deeply about this colorful world. In fact, there are more people waiting for me to weet and get along with.

Through the island trips which was organised by our institute, I could even get to make more friends. During the trips, I manage to know other friends which studied the different courses with me. I'm glad to know about them. We start growing up our relationships with one another when the time we play the games which was organised by the commitee. We just play hardly all the time.

This is the memories that we have in the island<3

How oasis and beautiful the ocean is:)

I wish to make more friends in this hectic society as I can create more unforgettable memories with them.

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