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Elongated Skulls Found Around The World! - (COVER UP)

⚠️ This is an update of my previous Elongated Skull blog on here and a copy of my article on my following site: mysteriesofearth
The purpose of this blog is for general information and to be exposed to what's truly out there. Here's the tip of the iceberg⚠️
These skulls are no less than absolutely FANTASTIC! Do not quickly disregard these skulls as all having “cranial deformation”.

Here are the facts:

Thanks to DNA, amongst many things, we can identify a person/creature of having a known disease.
Hydrocephaly, a disease that distorts… again, this can alter shape, but not the volume of bone material and position of the cranial plates. It is said that these skulls have a cranial volume that is 25% larger than normal human skulls, that’s a lot of brain! Take a look at the differences of cranial volume below:

“Normal” human skulls are composed of 3 major bone plates; the frontal plate and the 2 parietal plates which make a “T” shape while these Elongated skulls only have two. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look below at the comparison. The picture on the left is an Elongated Skull (Top view - 2 plates) and the one on the right is a Human Skull (Top view - 3 plates),  you will see the differences below:

Now that’s the best way to identify between a real Elongated skull and a Human skull (also real Elongated skulls have larger eye sockets and tend to have larger jaws). Of course, we must take into account that artificial Elongated skulls do exist and are done particularly by the form of body alteration called head flattening, head binding or artificial cranial deformation which is deforming the human skull intentionally. Intentional cranial deformation has been going on forever. It was commonly practised throughout many different cultures around the world and believe it or not some cultures today still practice it. The earliest intentional cranial deformation was dated back to the 9th millennium BC in Iraq. Many methods were used, here are some examples below:

The question is: “Why would these cultures deform the heads of their children to make it artificially elongated?” Was it because of something they were told or even saw? It makes you wonder why people do the things they do, but skull deformation was also known for being an ancient religious practice. Artificial Elongated skulls are nothing compared to the real ones… DNA tests were done on the Paracas Elongated Skulls from Peru and found that they had DNA unknown to any human, primate or animal (so far).

That’s basically all we know about the skulls DNA for its true origins and identity are still being kept from us and this subject continues to be manipulated and distorted purposely to discourage us in digging further. I advise you to do your own personal research but I warn you, careful of those who want to confuse you, lie to you and kill your natural interest in these magnificent things of this world... it's all a cleverly planned set up to detour you from the truth, we has human beings of this Earth have every right to know, nothing should be kept from us for any reason, and if it is, which trust me there is so much that we couldn't even imagine, we need to stick together as a people to bring this down once and for all...
Thank you for reading my article! I hope you learned something new and hopefully will share this with your family and friends!

Elongated Skulls Found Around The World! - (COVER UP) (Sciences - Archeology)    -    Author : Basi - USA

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