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This blog is about me: Elisa.
I write every week a bit about myself.
I am from The Netherlands. In The Netherlands we have zeven weeks of holiday but the summer holidays have ended.
I am back on school. I don't like the classes but i like to see my friends every day. I life in Brummen that is a small place in Holland. We had a fair with attractions. I found that a little bit boring because you spend a lot of time ( and money). it looked a little bit like this :

But that ofcourse a little bit smaller :)

See you next week! bye!
Hallo again!
My first week on school is done! We had already some homework and we had to work very hard. The weekend before i had volleybalt a lot. Saterday i help with a training and sunday i had a clinic from a very good team witch is playing on the highest level. It was very hard and my whole team was very tired because we had to run a lot. Friday I go with my friends to a fair with attractions in Laren. That is very nice because after it i am going to sleep with my friends! In october i go to LONDEN!With my class because we are a class with speak in every lesson English. But not if we have french of something because that we have two new language at the same time and thats a little bit to hard!
See you next week! Byeeee !

My life as Elisa ♥ (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Elisa - Netherlands

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