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~♫*Dylan and Cole Sprouse UPDATED COME & SEE

No I Dont N e More but hes cool!!

cool look its miley cyrus

smile and wave boys just smile and wave even though you are'nt waving

hey you took my hobbie away.:0 just kidding:)

w00000t we rock!!!!
[picture not found]

this is ashley tisdale with 1 of my family members W00T!!

Cole:Will this signing ever end *sigh* - -'
[picture not found]

wow this thing is big please do'nt fall please do'nt fall><''''.haha i did'nt fall

tough guy eh!dont mess wit him lol

look he is so strong {or not =p}i hope he got it out look at his face hahaha!!


Cole:WEEEEEEE Dylan:Are u done?

Go Blue Team!!! WIN IT AGAIN!!!!p.s u better like the song in the bg

Anime rulzzzzzz


HEY!! i wanted a porsche does this look like 1 COLE SAYS

Hi ppls...

hey!!I want one

Smile ;}

Yea my bf's funny*jumps*not funnier then D & C *sees him* uh oh RUN!!!!!!!

go to this site!!!!!!!Or don't =p

We are cute right? please say yes!

Cole:*imatating an electric guitar* Dylan:- -'''

He's thinking about that talk with dad again =p

gotta keep my eyes on the road. oh look a puppy!!!! gotta keep my eyes on the rode..=p
[picture not found]

do'nt hurt me .ahh!!i'm calling my agent on u!!!!!if that doesnt work i'm calling my dad!!! ><''

buy this dvd it is so cool most of you probably already seen the secret episode..With the donkey head yea.. - -

[picture not found]

help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! im to funny to die ahh!!!!!!!

Cole:here ya go pretty lady lol


Sakura has a huge forehead - -

[picture not found]

DyLaN:man this thing is heavy! will it ever move! Cole:grrrr stupid wall!
[picture not found]

We are going to destroy this hotel Then world denomination mwahaha!

i love this show!!!!

COLE:i am way cooler than my brother.DYLAN:you know im right here

see ya!

~♫*Dylan and Cole Sprouse UPDATED COME & SEE (Cinema, tv - Others)    -    Author : Crystal - USA

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