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Strangth comes from courage,
courage comes from strangth,
and it all comes from YOU.
put all of that together and get:
don't give up your inner Sturage!
talk about it!
Don't let go of your dreams. Because the only thing that is stoping YOU from your dreams is YOU! so dont let tha happen because to succsed in anything you must have Sturage! Talk about it! Dont hold it in. Dont let go! because you are the 3 L's:
so dont stop beliveing my fellow Sturager's.
tip number one: The key to a happy life is the 3 L's.
tip number two: If you have a disorder such as ADHD just try to walk away from a situation that will get you in truble or will make you regret it!
tip number three: Be you and show your personality dn be scared to show other people that you have Sturage!
DON'T be the only one!
SHARE! tell your friends and family about this website! come and share! tell them were you got you Sturage! :) dont be a stranger! FRIEND us on facebook: name for facebook: Sturage IS life

Real Life People/ Real Life Problems for kids/tweens/teens (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Dominque - USA

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