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My family three

These are my family members
They are my grandparents

This is my grandmoher, her name is Soledad and she died

This is my grandfather, his name is Justo and he died

This is my grandmother, her name is Defina, she is 68 years old, she is gentle, she is short

This is my grandfather, his name is Isidro, he was very tall and intelegent, but he died
They are my siblings

This is my brother, his name is Ivan, hes 28 years old, he is tall and he is married.

This is my sister, she is 13 years old, she is white skin and tall her eyes are brown, she is funny and intelegent

This is my brother, his name is Lorenzo, he is 25 years old, he has eyes brown and is thin, he is a soccer player

This I am, Im 15 years old, Im thin and Im tall, my birthday is on november sixteenth, my favorite color is red and love basketball

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