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My maternal grandmother is Maria Loreto
is 67 years old
has 6 children
My maternal grandfather is jose francisco rivera
ala died age 45 in a car accident
had 6 children before his death
My paternal grandmother is josefina diaz
is 85 years old and has 7 children
My paternal grandfather is jose maria padilla
is 77 years old
born in Queretaro and has 7 children
My mother is
marisa juarez rivera, is 40 years old, has 3 children and married fernando diaz padilla 25 years old , is originally from queretaro, his favorite color is black and your favorite music is classical music.
likes to read, live with their children and their favorite series is gotham, is a loving and caring mother
My father is
fernando diaz padilla , is 43 years old, born in queretaro, has 3 children , married rivera marisa juarez, his favorite color is brown , your favorite music is the band, has a band which is its favorite pastime , is a caring and loving father
My sister is
marisa diaz fernanda rivera, is 10 years old, his hobby is drawing and spending time on social networks and crafts and home experiments , your favorite music is pop and is a sister but sometimes annoying is affectionate and grea
My brother is
jose fernando diaz rivera, is 7 years old, was born in queretaro, her favorite hobbies is to play football , watch TV and play video games, your favorite music is rock thanks to always am listening , her favorite color is blue and although Avees something irksome is very good brother , is very friendly with people and very affectionate
My name is Diego francisco diaz rivera
I am the son of rivera marisa juarez and fernando diaz padilla , study at the Autonomous University of Queretaro UAQ school savior bachelors beyond south campus , I have 16 years old , born on June 15, 2000 my favorite color is black , my hobbies are playing basketball, playing video games, collect comics and I like to read in my free time my favorite music is rock and my favorite artist is the group down an dirty

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