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Well hi there i guess, it is me. That completely unknown person on the internet who is pretentious enough to start a blog about ‘me and my friends’. Yeah, no. I am starting this blog, but believe me it is not going to be as cheesy as the category. I’ve written blogs before, on here. If you followed my last blog to here, hey. Your prize is a virtual hug! No? Okay. If you did like my last blog you may not like this one. I've changed quite a bit this past year and i don't know i kind of just want a place to write. Okay, so basic need to know information. My name is Amy, I'm 15 and i live in a small village in the middle of nowhere in England. So yes, I'm British. And no, i don't talk like the queen, or say ‘bloody' in every sentence. I don't even like crumpets, but hey i do love tea. What can i say? I am partly stereotypically British.

So a lot of my thoughts recently have been a little dark. Basically i just going to warn you that if you're a 10 year old student looking for a nice, cutesy blog.... You're going to be a little freaked out by this. And if you're not? You're a cool 10 year old.
I wasn’t a very cool ten year old, i was a bit of a chubby freak. Completely unpopular and uncool, hey guess i still am. But I've grown tall and stayed skinny, so at least that's one thing. A lot of the time nowadays is spent procrastinating, putting off responsibilities and revision. Oh yeah, revision. Here in the UK we have to do GCSEs, exams that determine if you can stay in education basically. And right now I'm doing mine. Well not right this second now, but i had a chemistry exam today (which i failed) and i have a physics exam in 2 days (totally going to fail that too). But then im finished school and have 3 months off for summer. Ow i know in America you guys have that much off normally, but here in Britain we normally only get 6 weeks off, so this is a big deal okay?

What else? Boys? If any of you are interested i like this guy, and our situation is complicated. Well, not entirely but i guess our lack of social skills means were pretty hard done by. So were in the same friendship group at school, and I'm friends with those dicks that make fun of everything you do, because ‘chats the point in taking life seriously?’. Ugh yes i know, there is a massive point.anyway we admitted we liked each other during an intense argument a few weeks ago, and we went to his house a couple of times an he kissed me. Yeah, no need to smirk, it was totally PG i swear. Our issue is that no one else outside of us two, knows about us two. And I'm getting a little sick of being just someone’s secret. I kind of want him to be comfortable with telling people he likes me. Maybe I'm just not good enough? I've heard that a lot.

Well apart from all that I'm a complete english dork. I love writing and reading everything. I write a lot of dark poetry, which I've decided to leave at the end of each post. No hate okay? Well actually you can hate it, just don't be a douche ad tell me. I also adore music, most genres. I'm never not listening to it aha. So i guess that's me. I told myself i would keep this updated over the summer, so ill be back soon my virtual readers. I've got my email on here and a guest book and forum, so maybe you could comment sometime? Introduce yourself, tell me i sucked, whatever. That'd be quite cool. Aha okay well till next time.


You long for a hideaway
A cavern of safety
One far away from prying eyes

From her deceiving lips
You ache for resistance from her hollow mind

To stay hidden between the rustling branches
Like a secret
A promise between lost lovers

You plead and beg for a silent escape
A garden of unspoken Eden if you will
A place to be unknown
More forgotten than your shaking soul feels

But alas your tattered screams will always be noticed
By another who is also scarred
Scared and alone

For you are trespassing on their anguish
Their hideaway
So much like your own

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