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Part two of my Miley Cyrus blog is all about the pics and gossip! out here it comes!

Miley Cyrus Biography:
American actress Destiny Hope Cyrus, or more commonly known as Miley Cyrus, was born on November 23, 1992, in Nashville, Tenn. Miley is the daughter of country singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus, and her name comes from the shortened nickname for "Smiley." In 2006, she landed the role of a regular girl and rock star on the Disney channel original series "Hannah Montana." Also, her favorite sport is cheerleading.

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Superstar by night...

School girl by day!!!!

Hannah Montana Summary:
Another teen-oriented Disney Channel comedy series, Hannah Montana was a tailor-made vehicle for Miley Cyrus, the daughter of country western star Billy Ray Cyrus. Newly arrived in Malibu from her Tennessee hometown, heroine Miley (Cyrus of course) did her best to adjust to her new lifestyle and to her classmates at Seaview Middle School -- while at the same time carrying on a "secret life" as preteen pop star Hannah Montana! Billy Ray Cyrus himself was seen as Miley's father and manager Robbie -- strict, loving, traditionalist, and "hip" all in one. Another celebrity relative in the cast was Emily Osment, younger sister of Haley Joel Osment, as Miley's best friend Lilly Truscott. Rounding out the cast was Jason Earles as Miley's traditionally irksome brother Jackson, and Mitchel Musso as classmate Oliver, who carried a torch for the heroine.

Here are some never before seen pics!

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