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Hellow everybody! Welcome To My Own World!!!! I'm a university student from China.This is my first time to creat a website,especially use English,which isn't my mother tone.Since my blog's main subject is "Talking about your daily life",we can share our own stories,whatever good or bad ones.And we can communicate our own countries'culture.I guess most of you would like to learn Chinese and our traditional culture,am I right?Luckily my major in the university is กฐTeaching Chinese as a Foreign Language",so I can talk a lot in this part.
All I want is to make more friends with you.And you can help me to improve my English!!
Finally hope your coming to my blog with your faith,kind,passion,intelligent,honesty,last but not least,resposibility!!! ^-^^-^^-^
Now you can introuduce yourselves.Especially about your daily life ,such as school life,favorite music or singers,the ways you study hard and so on.
We can talk anything without worrying about anything,just have fun.
Let's open the floor!
Though I have become an adult just a couple of months,I still like toys,teddy bear,barbbie ect.
Bellow are some photos I took for my favorite doll---little white bear!It's really cute right??Haha!!

How Lovely!!

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