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Hi penguins,

I'm hosting a party. It's going to be a walkthrough of Ye Knight's Quest 2. Here's the details:

Date: 21st May
Server: Polar Bear
Room: Outside the doors to Ye Knight's Quest 2
Time: 7am PST
Hey penguins,

The new Penguin Style will shortly be released. Question is: what are you looking forward to buying the most? Post what you think on my survey, and I'll add up the scores.

P.S On 7th May, I'll be in the Gift Shop on Blizzard. If you want to meet me, go there on that date at 10:00 PST (6PM in British Standard Time)
Hey guys,

This is a step-by-step guide on how to do Field-Op 43. This is updated, so when the new one comes out, this will be deleted.

Step 1: Go to HQ and go over to the Field-Op computer
Step 2: This is G's commands:

I have received an unusual coded computer file from an unknown source. I need your help to decode it.

Work together at an EPF computer terminal to crack the file. Be cautious - it could be a trap.

Step 3: The Field-Op is in the EPF Command Room, over at the computer with the flashing red dots.
Step 4: Complete the Field-Op, collect your medal, and Herbert will give you this message:
(To: Gerald the Gadget Guy) I evah a lasoporp rof uoy.

ehT tobotorP sah nrow tuo sti emoclew I thgim redisnoc a pihsrentrap ot laed htiw ti.

peeK ti neewteb su, dna tel em wonk ruoy noisiced.

That message is backwards for:

(To: Gerald the Gadget Guy) I have a proposal for you.

The Protobot has worn out its welcome. I might consider a partnership to deal with it.

Keep it between us, and let me know your decision.

Are you worried if Gary agrees to go off with Herbert? Tell us in the Survey!
Hi penguins,

Just so you know, on the 8th May 2011 I'm hosting a chat event on the following website:


It will be at 7:00am PST (Penguin Standard Time). I am doing the time in PST because then EVERYBODY will know what time it is in THEIR country. I will be doing lots of fun stuff, answering lots of questions, and I might host a party on CP. But I will announce when it's on.
Hi penguins,

About the party on April 20th on South Pole at the Cove. It's going to be an excellent party, and it's the day before the Earth Day Party starts! Hope you can make it. Try and make the room (and maybe server) FULL! If you lot do that, I will be so happy, and I will host lots more parties (I probably will anyway).
Hello penguins,

If you didn't see this person, don't worry. But if you remember when Rookie was online, blog owners like Riffy8888 and Saraapril went online. Well, if I find Rockhopper, I will be in that room. This is another way of meeting me and Rockhopper AND maybe another penguin at the same time.
Dear stage lovers,

Norman Swarm has been Transformed...AGAIN! Go to the stage for a new secret room and new pin to discover. If you want to keep the pin a surprise, ignore this next message. If you don't want to keep it a surprise, check the pin tracker...!
Hi penguins,

As you know, Earth Day Party is coming up. But guess what? Rockhopper will be online! I will post a working tracker below if I find one:

Sorry, this tracker is currently undergoing some difficulties.

This may not be the absolute best tracker, but still, it's a tracker. If it never changes from Rockhopper is offline, click on the tracker to take yourself to the real website where the same tracker is.
Hello penguins,

Just wanted to say I will upload a few trackers when famous penguins are online...well, I'll download one tracker for each Famous Penguin and then get more along the way

Hope these help you find people in the future

Also, Hullcity24 found a very accurate tracker. Apparently, it told him when Aunt Arctic is online at the Penguin Play Awards, she will go on Abominable at 8:05 backstage. I don't know if this is true, but I will try and upload this tracker if I can find it.
Hi everyone,

If you like famous characters, come to the party that's coming up. I'm doing it to celebrate famous penguins so if you like famous penguins, please support me and friends at the Famous Penguin Party 2011 (I will host one every year, but it's not a real party).

Hope you like the party as I will try and get loads of people to come
It really needs to be a great party, and this isn't a message to say 'Non-members can't come' (because they can) but if you have a famous penguin background, wear it and cheer for them. Come dressed the best and try and look like your character. I'm chanting for Cadence and Rookie, as they're the only backgrounds I have, but still cheer for everyone.
Hi fans of this blog,

Just to say I won't be putting 'Posted by bladdy blah' on my blog because I'm the one thats working hardest on it. But just to assure you, Crazydude676 and J Johno2000 made new blogs, so check them out when you can!

Mariobros980 :-)
Hi people who want to meet a famous penguin,

Now you can! The CP Team recently made a new Rookie character to find. You have until 3rd of April 2011 to find him, and if you do you get a background. Check trackers is my only tip.

-Posted by Mariobros980 on 29/03/11
Hey fans,

I have recently made a Club Penguin servey. Please take your time to fill it in. It's all about your thoughts on CP and this blog. Please be honest on the question where it asks about if you like my blog, I can take it because I am not sensitive with this. Please don't lie, if you don't want to tell don't do it. The first votes were from what I personally think, so don't be fooled that someone else has done it.

-Posted by Mariobros980 on 09/03/11
Hi penguins,

Yesterday, Billybob posted about the gang fixing a bug. That's incredible!

You don't know how long and hard they try to fix them bugs.

-Posted by Hullcity24 on 09/03/11
Hello penguins,

The puffle shop finishes this Tuesday and it's going to be great. Go on the What's New blog and look at Billybob's post called 'Reviewed by You: Puffle Shop'. Just a reminder, don't forget to check the bottom blog post to know where I'll be

-Posted by Mariobros980 on 06/03/11
Hello puffle lovers,

I dropped by to say that until March 8th, construction is on in the Pet Shop. They are upgrading so you'll be able to interact with your puffles more!

Posted by Mariobros980 on 03/03/11
Here I am again.

This is a pin tracker. It gives you the latest pins on Club Penguin. This won't be updated all the time so I'll give you the date when it started and when it expires. Started: 25 February Ends: 10 March

Savannah Tree Pin: Ski Lodge
Quartz Pin: Garden Gnome Room (Second Room at Stage)

- Posted by Crazydude676 on 25/02/11

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