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Whats hot, and whats not!

Hello and welcome to my site, Whats Hot and Whats Not!
Here you will be able to look at clothing and read my opinion of it.
Then, you can make your own by checking the clothes.
Please send me your comments to me on the forum and I hope you enjoy the website!
Yours Sincerely,

Ok, first of all. Here is a collection of bridal and bridesmaid wear.
Oh, and there is a style chucked in there for boys.
I wonder which will be your favourite?

One word- GORGEOUS!!!!
I so want this dress hanging in my wardrobe!
I love the colour and style of it!

I like this dress- its quite an unusual colour. Which is really creative!

Its pretty hard to comment on this one.
I probably wouldn't wear it, but someone out there could.
Its not gorgeous, but its not ugly either.
Please try and send your opinion of this one for me, cause I can't make up my mind!


Im not sure on this one either.
Sorry I can't comment!


I don't like this one.
1 syllable- Ughhh!


I like the colour and shape of this one.
Its nice and slim and not to puffed out.
But its not about what I think of it, its about what you think of it!


Now, here are some outfits for younger ones.
Probably for a pageboy, brides maid or a flower girl.

I think this one is quite nice, but I am not so sure on the flowers.


I am not so sure on this dress.
I don't really like the colour or little flowers.


Now this is what I call smart.
Im sure all boys will want to own this for their wedding!
Which one was your fave?
Anyway, secondly we will look at casual.
Here are some pics,do you prefer cosy costumes, warm weather or party time? You choose!
You can also vote on your fave of these too!

I am not so sure on this look.
Especially the pink hair and purple fairy dress!

Now personally, I like this cool party look.
I also like the way its for boys and girls.

I am not keen at all on this look.
I think its to girly and weird

I really like this kind of style.
The combat trousers really match the bright pink top.
I also love the way its summery and casual!

ACE!!! This is a great summer look! The swim wear matched with casual t-shirts and shorts! BRILL!!!

This is another great look.
I love it!
But its more for summer and also probably for going out.

I like this warm winter type of thing.
Its cute and cuddley.
What more could you ask for?!

Egyptian- I think this is a really fun look, but probably for costume party's!

I like this cool, smart, pretty outfit. But I should mention, that it would look better on you for a party- not a football match!

Cute, summery look- thats all I can say!

Smart for adults. But as it comes to mind- for a wedding maybe?
Hope you enjoy this website!
I will keep updating this website, so please keep coming back with your voted answers.

Yours Sincerely


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