Music - Hip-Hop

These are some of my fave bands enjoy : )
ok to see what i put on here u have to scroll down LOL

woot its taylor swift i love her music so much!

green day is back!!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!! EEEK!!!

yo JASON WHAT IS UP ...... why am i talking to a picture???? this is jason mraz

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!!!!! lol this is metro station round of applause plz lol

yo rejects whats up. AND YO PPL WHO LUV ALL AMERICAN REJECTS well....HERE THEY ARE!!luv there new song : )

EEEK!!! its good charlotte the band!!!!

dont mess with the band boys like girls!!! lol

under my umbrella ella ella aye aye aye aye lol this is rihanna!!!

This is lead singer of secondhand serenade!!! I LUV U GUYS!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!


u better love these bands lol
lol im ten years old and so ya ill show you guys ONE MORE FUNNY PICTURE -well a funny picture lol-

IM GONNA GET U....ALL!!! muahahahaha!!! lol
ok fine a couple more funny stuff ok!?

LOL HAHAHAHA ROTFL lol IDK IF THIS IS im only 10 lol i just thought it was so stupid it was kinda funny lol

this is my cat fluffy

i can always make you smile : )

im a nija!! jelous much?


i would say LOL but that seriously wasnt FUNNY!
by the way dont walk in my footsteps.......i run into walls : )

This is a comic movement thing....From the book [my favorite] Calvin and hobbs!

We all hate being sad...

I visited here when i use to live in Colorado...Oh its called seven falls you ever heard of it?
byezzzzzzzzzz -luv the 10 year old chloe

I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!! (Music - Hip-Hop)    -    Author : chloe - Alaska (USA)

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